Age Of Wushu 2 Beta Test

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Heya guys, my name is Wiggy, and today let’s talk about Age of Wushu 2

So recently Snail Games announced that they’re currently in the process of making Age of Wushu 2. The original Age of Wushu which was released 10 years ago will still be playable for those of you who were worried. Age of Wushu 2 isn’t a remake however, they’ve decided to take Age of Wushu 2 into a completely different direction, or at least that’s what they’re saying.

Graphics and NPCs

With this update, you can challenge worthy opponents from the entire Age of Wushu community and win fame for your prowess during the Sky Ladder Beta Test. Contest takes place daily anytime between noon and ten minutes to midnight server time. Players will fight randomly-selected opponents from any server who match their level.

So what exactly is different about Age of Wushu 2 in comparison to one? Well, to kick things off it’s being creating with the Unreal 4 engine, and from the small amount of footage shown so far, it looks fantastic. We’ll have to see once it enters testing before knowing how it’ll actually play “in game”, but at least for now we can say it’s asthetically beautiful. It is still keeping to its wuxia roots, so don’t expect to find any dragons flying around.

World war ii online downloadable maps. So if you’re played Age of Wushu, you’ll know it had some amazing features, now they’ve used some of the ideas from the first MMO, and improved upon them, first off you’ve got NPC reacting differently depending on there location or weather, even player clothing; for instance depending on the outfit you choose to wear some NPCs will straight up refuse to talk to you, until you’ve changed. Not only that but NPCs will also be able participate in randomly generated world events, form alliances, they can even participate in kidnappings. While we’re on the subject of NPCs, it’s worth pointing out quests work completely different in Age Of Wushu 2, as in you can’t actually take “quests” anymore, instead of just going to a glowing exclamation mark floating above a NPCs head, you
will instead have to actually have conversations with NPCs, where you may be require you to talk to them multiple times, maybe, raise there affinity before they ask for help, if they even need help, as I said there aren’t really quests. Now these are just some of the things the NPCs can do, for instance if you raise your affinity with enough NPCs from a certain school and you join it, you can become the new Master of the school if you’ve gather enough votes.
Or, if you wanted to craft some new gear, but you don’t have enough money for the items required you could always kill an NPC or player with the items needed and take it. However doing so will cause NPCs and players to hunt you down for bounty’s.

The World

Now unlike other MMOs, where you’ll start off with basic gear and skills, Age of Wushu 2 starts you with nothing, so you have to struggle to survive as you try and learn how to get more skills, now I say “survive” and I mean it, the dev’s stated you there is a survival element to Age of Wushu 2, where you’ll need to get food, or you could end up dying. The devs have boast Age of Wushu 2 as a truly sandbox MMO, saying you can go anywhere and that they want the players you shape there story own from the beginning. So if you’re expecting to play along a story with you’re character you can’t, because there is no actual story, and as I’ve stated earlier there are also no quests. So for those of you who enjoy playing through MMORPGs for there in depth storylines, like GW2 or FFXIV, will be disappointed. However those of you who enjoy the charm of a fully explorable world to immerse yourself into, you will no doubt find a new home in Age of Wushu 2.

Combat and Release Date

Now the combat is meant to be reminiscent yet different to Age of Wushu, as it is said to no long have tab targeting combat, opting for more of a action style, where you’ll be required to pay very close attention to your enemy’s movements in order to get the upper hand. I can’t really go into much detail about the combat, because, well there’s not a whole lot of information regarding it. Startup company. So you’re probably wondering when it’ll be released? Well they’ve stated that they intend on entering testing within the year, as for when it’s actually released, I can’t say.


So guys, that’s most of what’s currently known about Age of Wushu 2 right now, I will keep you updated as we learn more concrete information. I hope you found this helpful, and I’ll see yous in the next video!