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The lego ninjago movie video game on ps3. The real rpg goodness starts hitting in 2009. Fragile, arc rise fantasia, rune factory frontier, and a new 'tales of' game (but that probably wont hit the states until 2010). Dec 13, 2019  Arc Rise Fantasia is an RPG game developed by Imageepoch in 2009. Set in the fictional world of Fulheimm, the “Feldragons” creatures are slowly pahs destroying human life. They destroy crops, steal all the animals in the village, even if they are gradually infecting the water to the people.

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At first I played it with a 'so bad it's funny' mentality, but the joke got old VERY fast.Undub or voices off (was that an option?) is probably the best way to go here. I'll admit that I'm kinda irrationally intolerant to English dubs, but ARF is on a whole new level of awful.But I must say the awfulness of the English voice cast is on par with the greatness of the combat system. It's truly rare to find JRPGs that are legitimately challenging like this one. After doing that, I recommend getting an undub of the game so you can play it with Japanese voice acting.I have to admit that is the way I played it for the first time years ago and pretty much fell in love with the Japanese cast. Also some of the VAs are top tier (and ironically it has my two favourite male seiyuu):.


Weiss: voiced by Takehito Koyasu (also Olivier in the Trails games). Rastan: voiced by Keiji Fujiwara (also Haku in Utawarerumono and Nial in Trails in the Sky). Ryfia: voiced by Yui Makino (also Misaki in the cult anime 'Welcome to the NHK' - as a professional singer she also sang the end credits song)Obviously I also strongly recommend playing the UNDUB version. Not mentioned here yet, but there is also the option to softmod/hack your WiiU if you have one and play it in HD.

Additionally you can try getting an mcable to get a flawless upscaled and anti aliased image. That's actually a 'project' I aim for in the future, to re-experience this game for the first time in HD on my 47' TV.Softmodding an EU Wii should also be an option.

That's the way I experienced the game years ago.If you have a strong enough PC you can also try using the Dolphin Emulator. This way you can legally play your purchased copy of the game without the need of a console.