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Achtung Panzer is a mod for Blitzkrieg, created by GordonCZ Works.


Blitzkrieg 3 is an online WW2 RTS made for true admirers of strategic mastery! Challenge your tactical skills in historical campaigns and defeat other players.

Achtung Panzer is a grand-campaign mod for Blitzkrieg, depicting the whole course of World War 2 from the German perspective.

This mod brings you a grand-campaign with 32(!) challenging missions mainly on large-scale maps which will thoroughly test your commanding skills. As a German commander, you will go through Poland, Belgium and France, North Africa, various battles on the Eastern Front, in Italy or Ardennes.

Achtung Panzer utilizes the best from the classic Blitzkrieg gameplay and moreover, it also introduces several gameplay changes, which are designed to allow you to utilize vital World War Two era tactics and strategy:

Most of the time, artillery can be used as an effective support both for defensive and offensive purposes, because the artillery batteries of yours and the enemy are so distant from each other that even if those acoustic circles reveal their positions, you don't need to fear that you would suffer an immediate counter-bombardment each time you use it.

In Achtung Panzer, you can really utilize a situation when you have the air superiority over your enemy. Relax times for aviation were significantly shortened in every mission, so now you can even provide an air cover to your bombers if you want to.

Many enemy positions are heavily defended, so in case you are ordered to capture such a strongpoint, you will have the best chance to succeed with a combination of artillery preparation, airforce bombardment and tanks attacking only with support of infantry. Attacks with tanks only are simply no longer an easy way to success.

Mod offers an installer.

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Blitzkrieg - Realism v.4mod43.3 MB12/9/20187.8K21
Blitzkrieg - Achtung Panzer v.1.1 Finalmod101 MB9/1/20197.5K19
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Blitzkrieg - v.1.2patch19.4 MB5/28/20037.2K14
Blitzkrieg - map packmod17.2 MB3/31/20038.4K11
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Blitzkrieg - Grey blobs Fixmod4.2 MB3/15/20151.9K4
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Blitzkrieg - The Other Sidemod4.3 MB3/15/20152.3K2
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Blitzkrieg - Buzuluk To Praguemod22.1 MB3/14/20151.8K0
Blitzkrieg - European Winter Buildingsmod11.2 MB3/14/20151.8K0