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Max HP: 125An armored, mounted Flea carrying a huge pencil lance. Though they must first take time to acquire a target, once they do they will unleash a devastating charge attack capable lf dealing massive damage and piercing through armor.Damage: 50Armor Piercing: 100Additional InformationLight Armor: 50Classes: MeleeThey have one attack only and requires them to charge up before dashing at you in a straight line. The Flea Lancer can also turn and change direction while charging up if needed.Heavy Armor: 35Flea Gunner TeamDescription.

Download Bug Heroes 2 Premium and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. ‎Master 25 unique heroes - from a hook wielding Waterbug pirate, to an old and wise Aphid sensei, a champion Bumblebee boxer, a grenade launching Worm, a poison obsessed Stinkbug, and tons more! Choose and customize your squad, and unleash powerful abilities on. Welcome to the Bug Heroes 2 Wiki. This is the fan-made wiki dedicated to Bug Heroes 2, the highly competitive single player and online multiplayer action-strategy MOBA-like from Foursaken Media.Strategies, hero builds, enemies and turrets, lore, hints and tips and bad advice - it all goes here.

Max HP: 75A highly inaccurate, but powerful support weapon. Has a chance to launch armor piercing rounds, which forgoes a large blast area, for more damage and armor piercing.Damage: 40Armor Piercing: 0Additional InformationLight Armor: 20Classes: RangedWill occasionally fire armor-piercing bombs that have more concentrated damage, but a smaller blast radius.Heavy Armor: 0AntsA big brother to the fleas, packing a much bigger punch. By themselves are quite dangerous, and a horde of ants are an immensely dangerous problem, especially if Queen Antes are present on the map.AntDescription. Max HP: 60Powerful support Ants, connected with each other via lines of highly damaging electricity - the more Bulb Ants there are, the more difficult it will be to maneuver without getting shocked! Additionally, Blub Ants get a damage bonus based on how many Bulb Ants are linked.Damage: 13Armor Piercing: 100Additional InformationLight Armor: 20Class: RangedBulb Ants link with each other, if they are left alone they can build massive power and destroy anything with a few hits.

(Each connected Bulb Ant increases each other's damage by around 12)Heavy Armor: 45Queen AntDescription. Max HP: 100Using a knife and fork as a weapon, Hungry Bugs are wild bugs that spin in a devastating cyclone of blades. While spinning, they will be impossible to attack in melee, and will reflect bullets back. Wait for periods of fatigue in between attacks to strike.Damage: 60Armor Piercing: 100Additional InformationLight Armor: 0Watch out for these bugs as they are very dangerous to your survival.

Predict their attack patterns time your attacks. Their rest lasts about 12 seconds. They are classified as Ants however it is unknown if they are buffed by Queen Ants.Heavy Armor: 50SlugsSlugs are generally slow and annoying but dangerous enemies that have powerful debuffing ranged attacks.SlugDescription. Max HP: 750The most feared of all slugs, The Giant War Slug is a powerful melee fighter, with heavy armor plating. Additionally, they leave poison goo puddles wherever they go.Damage: 75Armor Piercing: 75Additional InformationLight Armor: 0Avoid the back when attacking.

It will greatly slow you down and heavily damage you. Try to skirt around it and use ranged or fast attacking bugs such as Aphid or Slug to take it down.Giant War Slugs can be hired as Mercenaries for 2000 Gold.Heavy Armor: 65SnailsSnails are tough armored enemies who deal large amounts of damage. Their main weakness is their extremely slow movement speed.SnailDescription. Max HP: 125Bulb Snails will charge up and unleash a devestating, blinding flash. If too close when the flash is emitted, units will not only be blinded, but temporarily stunned, and have their fighting capabilities reduced for a time, causing them to deal less damage.Damage: 15Armor Piercing: 100Additional InformationLight Armor: 90Classes: RangedIf you have 2 bugs and one is blinded and the other is not blinded and you are controlling the blinded one, when you switch to the other bug, it will also be blinded even when it is not caught in the blast radius.Heavy Armor: 35Giant SnailDescription. Real racing 2 скачать. Max HP: 750One of the enemy's most devastating weapon, War Snails have it all. Not only are they heavily armored, they have a myriad of long ranged weapons that will shred lesser units apart.

Get too close and they will unleash a powerful melee attack!Damage: 70Armor Piercing: 75Additional InformationLight Armor: 90Classes: Melee, RangedWar Snails can be hired as Mercenaries for 5000 Gold.Heavy Armor: 75RoachesRoaches are formidable warriors, very versatile and very dangerous.Roach GruntDescription. Max HP: 150The most devastating roach, these warriors will seek out food to increase health and damage, and spare parts to increase armor. They have a ranged attack and a melee, so be alert while fighting them. Like most roaches, they also have a chance to steal food from attacking heroes!Damage: 25Armor Piercing: 100Additional InformationLight Armor: 25Just an all around nuisance to deal with. If you know they are coming ahead of time, be sure to grab any stray food or spare parts on the board to avoid an even bigger mess.Heavy Armor: 25GrubsGrubs are more of a nuisance than a threat, usually coming in hordes and waves, going only after your food stash.GrubDescription.

A 5-Star review, just as I thought it'd be. :3
I will admit, though, after the third day of playing now that some of the challenges/missions given by the game are ridiculously difficult and I've done my fair share of mild yelling and punching my pillow at the ridiculousness. However, this is countered nicely by the game automatically decreasing the difficulty every 3 tries. So, I thought that was a really nice and awesome feature (one I haven't even seen done in a game before).
What is also really about the game is that pacing to get characters seems okay if you can master the Hard difficulty. On average, I'm earning 20-32 gems per Endless game. So, after about six or seven matches I have enough gems to unlock the next bug (aside from the Legendaries).
Also, the star system is nice, giving you the ocassional free bug hero with a set milestone of rewarded stars (ie. Unlocking a free, random bug at 5 stars, 25 stars, 75 stars, 175 stars, etc..). These stars also act as a point system for the RPG-like system available, with every 'tree' of skills giving little bonuses here and there-- and these points can be redistributed free of charge whenever you want; I found it EXTREMELY useful for distributing my stars in different areas for different scenarios I'd be facing in missions.
BugMultiplayer is really bad right now, but I'm not holding it to any standard at the moment since the game is still relatively new. :3 I have some faith in Foursaken that the multiplayer lag/disconnection issues will be fixed within the next few updates.
I'm also hoping to see more maps in the future, as well (I really want this) as a mode that allows us to play as the enemy bugs (similar to the mode seen in Heroes&Castles) where we send hordes of our bugs to try and squash the Heroes' food stash.