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Captain Commando is a classic side scrolling beat’em up game created back in 1991 and is set on 2026. The game features 4 characters: Captain Commando – the leader, Mummy Captain, Ninja Captain, and Baby Captain. Each character has their own stats and attack combo, but they still pretty much play the same.'s game information and ROM download page for Captain Commando (World 911202) (MAME).

Game Description

Frothy crossword clue. Captain Commando, He is a 1991 Sed side scrolling beat ’em up game developed and published in Capcom as a con-operated video game and after our judgment has many other platforms. This product is the title of the seventh month of July, the CP system hardware company.

The game stars the titular of superhero and was first conceived in an imagined interpreter employed by Capcom USA in the company of console games in the late 1980s and three members’ commander Team “in the fight against the gang of super-lorem criminals.

Duke is also included commando languages ​​Classic Collection, Vol. 2 for the Xbox and PlayStation 2. the high command of the game confirmati’em same beat-up Capcom’s final fight. Grants to the arcade version, two, three, or of four players depending on the game’s the same settings.

Every player can choose which of the four “command” (Mack Captain Ginza day or head) to conduct them with another ruling by the player character.

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Captain Commando

Developed byReleasedAlso ForPublished byPerspectiveSettingGenreGameplayVisualDescriptionMetro City, 2026. A corrupt mutant group by the name of 'Scumocide' plot to control the universe.

The hero, Captain Commando assembles a team of three renegades; Ginzu the Ninja, Baby Head, and Mack the Knife; to help him foil Scumocide's plans. This task will not be easy as many of Earh's institutions are infested with Scumocides minions, but strength and persistence runs the team into the crusade.The player chooses one of these four characters, who must fight their way through an army of genetically engineered super-criminal, traveling through a series of locations such as the bank, museum, circus, aquarium, and several others, right through to a planet called 'Callisto', where the evil behind 'Scumocide' awaits. All four characters have their own special attacks. Captain Commando can use the power of his suit to shoot electricity through his palms. Baby Head rides around in a mech suit which does more damage. Mack can use short knives.

Each location ends with the character defeating a boss before proceeding to the next one.From Addeddate 2018-04-10 12:54:16 Arcademuseum Coinbuttons 4 Emulator captcomm Emulatorext zip Flyer Identifier arcadecaptcomm Joy 8-way Joybuttons 2 Manual Mobygames Mobygamesalsofor PlayStation, SNES Mobygamesdevelopedby Capcom Co., Ltd. Mobygamesgameplay Beat 'em up / Brawler Mobygamesgenre Action Mobygamesperspective Side view Mobygamespublishedby Capcom Co., Ltd. Mobygamesreleased Nov, 1991 Mobygamessetting Sci-Fi / Futuristic Mobygamesvisual Fixed / Flip-screen Players 4 Scanner Internet Archive Python library 1.7.4 Servicebuttons 1 Wikipedia.