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Crime fighters arcade are you covered. Look up the Polish to Italian translation of ciao bella in the PONS online dictionary. Includes free vocabulary trainer, verb tables and pronunciation function. What does 'Ciao bella' (italian) mean in English? 1 decade ago. Favourite answer 'Ciao bella!' Can mean either 'Hi beautiful!' Or 'Bye beautiful!' It's like the Hawaiian word 'aloha,' it can mean either 'hello' or 'goodbye.' The word 'bella' is reserved for feminine things, so 'Ciao bella!'

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All right, sweetheart, see you later.
Mud used to splash up from the gutter.
Ciao, bella signorina, sei pronta per una cosa a tre con me e la mia mano? No!
Hello my little lady, you ready to have a threesome with me and my hand?
You say hello, and I say hello back.
RON: Hiya, gang! MALORY:
Hello, Sophia. [French speaking]
Hello, honey pie.
Hello, pretty lady.
How's the tea leaves?
Hello, little pill.
Ciao Bella Translation
Hello, pretty kitty.
Hello, old girl.
Give me some sugar.
Hello, little one.
Hello, beautiful lady.
Hello, pretty lady.

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A proposito di eleganza, Ciao Bella è un ristorante molto costoso.
Speaking of classy, Ciao Bella is a really expensive restaurant, so we can go anywhere else tomorrow.
Galluccio, a sua volta, ha creato la sitcom televisiva Ciao Bella, che esplorava temi simili sullo 'scontro fra culture'.
Galluccio went on to create the sitcom Ciao Bella, which explored similar themes of culture clash that are examined in this film and the play it was based upon.
Ciao! Allora, la bella notizia è che penso di avere un indizio.
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