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Pixel piracy update. 1)have they tried books? Not to mention their choice of the LEAST trustworthy source ie witnesses What was the phrase.

No imagination is as vivid as of the claimed eye witness? Trusting a bunch of nagging senile eldar, who got themselves killed. Nice.2)well, sadly for Eldar their technology in fields of electronics is apparently very limited. Overreliance on psionics, maybe?

Star wars force collection hack. A meme where gab Thorpe weeps as he says: noooo you can't keep killing eldar by the billions they're supposed to be a dwindling faction.

Would have been great if Soulstones could be teleported back upon the loss of the construct or death of wearer, but it sadly wasn't the case. No idea what's going on right now. However they need more Wraithguard with their boots on the ground, not more vehicles. Ideally no living Eldar should leave the safety of Craftworld and all operations must be concluded remotely from it.3)Talos isn't as much a drone as cybernetically and genetically enhanced and heavily mutilated being. Sometimes a human slave. Same as Cronos.4)Human mercenaries can get paid in imperial currency as Rogue Traders will pay unlimited amount of money just to be able to transport goods through Webway. Eldar however are too stuck up to ask for help or even hire it.

Because it requires admitting you need helpWell, humans aren't a dying species unless Tyranids win, unlike Eldar. Only Imperium as a government is endangered, not mankind as a species.