Cyber Nations Gameplay

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Create your own nation. Choose the name of your nation, the name of the capital, government type, religion, tax rate etc. Everyday collect taxes and build new infrastructures, and improve your technology.

You will react to special events and observe the development of your nation. Face the internal and foreign threats, negotiate aid, and trade to create happy nation.

Nation simulation game

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Cyber Nationsは無料かつ永続的なブラウザベースの国家シミュレーションゲームです。. Game databases and files to ensure your uninterrupted gaming experience. Cyber Nations is a free browser-based nation simulation game. Create your own nation. Choose the name of your nation, the name of the capital,.

everyone, policy makers, youth

Players can create their own nation as they please.

They can observe the result of their policy making a decision.

They train in decision making and planning ahead.

First hand experience in policy making process.

Cyber Nations Gameplay

Players can observe the connection between citizen happiness and government decisions.

PC game, online game, browser-based
multiplayer, strategy
Free for non-comercial purpose.
1 player
no moderator
2 hours and more

All players must register at Cyber Nations webpage before playing game

computer with web connection