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I decided to release all the scripts I've done so far.Here you are.Four scripts are included:- Damage Tester; same as the God mode script I posted earlier. No changes, same deal.- Mana Dropper; allows you to grab a mana ball and when dropping it, changing the amount so you'll never need to worry about mana again. Script cannot be enable until you will have dropped mana at least once. Disable when not needed.- Gold and Evilness; a needlessly complicated script to keep your dungeon heart's gold at a min. Level and to keep your evilness at a min.

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Script cannot be enabled until a) you spent some gold from the heart and b) your evilness has changed.- PopLimit; a script to allow you to ignore the population limit. Madout big city pc download. The bumping the focus points is a must for this to work. Script cannot be enabled until you a) hired a new creature and b) upgraded the pop limit at least once.If you need to have all scripts enabled at level start, load a save game, enable the scripts and then start the level again.Enjoy!Props to TechoJackerPS.Scripts may take a long time to enable, especially when you enable them all at once - and CE may appear hanging. Just sit tight.EditIf, for some reason Gold does not update, it means that there are two hooks and the wrong one was hooked.Nothing I can do about this. Just quit the game and try again.Attachments(13.63 KiB) Downloaded 3087 times.

QUOTE='Marc, post: 46279, member: 14525'Try this. Seems to work (at least on my steam-Version with Dungeons 3 v1.4.4)Not tested very much, anyway:)/QUOTEYour table didn't work for me. It isn’t differentiating between my units and the enemy units. QUOTE='kemenner, post: 46480, member: 8768'Your table didn't work for me. It isn’t differentiating between my units and the enemy units.