Escape Velocity Nova Star Wars

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Comment burried. What is Endless Sky missing / doing wrong that Escape Velocity Nova had / did well? The only thing I can think of is the branching / multiple storylines adding to replayability, but whatever your gripe with Endless Sky, it's open source - so just add what you feel is.

I was obsessed with EV growing up, and then found EV:Nova during college. Such awesome games! And the mods. Oh god, the mods rocked!

Full Star Wars clone. It was crazy awesome.I'll never forget that red alien blob craft (IIRC, it was in the original EV), it slow slow to turn but very powerful, allowing configurations with ridiculous amounts of weapons.And then the stunningly gorgeous Kestrel , damn, this game is one of my all time favorites! Definitely one of the first things which put me on track to fall in love with All Things Space:)I've always wished for some sort of EV with LAN or Internet play, to make it less lonely.

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If there were mechanics to make it really work smoothly and still be fun, that'd be dreamy.I've enjoyed Elite:Dangerous 0, but it's very different gameplay in comparison. E:D is similar in some regards, like ship upgrades, missions, and trading economy but much more time intensive and first-person POV drive, whereas EV was always 3rd person.I also preferred the ability in EV to to hire subservient autonomous agents who could then be mass-controlled with hotkeys. This really helped scale up combat to take on entire fleets.

Then you've got E:D, where it's like 'click, click, click, steeeerrrr' to aim and fire every shot.To sum it up:EV - Super fun to play, fast gameplay, excellent storylines, easy to start / save / stop / resume, okay-ish economy, fun easter eggs, but lonely.E:D - Fun, relaxing (or boring, because of all the time to accelerate / decelerate / travel), huge expansive universe (simply massive!), good network play, weak story line, different fighting style, quite excellent trading economy, but high time commitment and overall complexity.0.