Fifa Manager 13 Requires Hardware Graphics Acceleration

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Fifa Manager Fifa 07 Requires Hardware Graphics Acceleration Windows 8 confused with the website of Wikipedia, which can be found at Changing the computer right away is not a needed for some programs to run resulting to lost DLL files. Hi, I installed in my laptop fifa07, and it all went well until this message appeared in my desktop: 'FIFA 07 Requires Hardware Graphics Acceleration':( I've searched everywhere for an answer but im always gettin the 'whats your video card?' Answer When I go to device manager, I cant find my.


I've reinstalled windows 7 64bit on my laptop 2 days ago and i have this problem when i try running a game like fifa manager 2012 and it says 'Requires Hardware Graphics Acceleration.' I've installed directX! Now when i go to desktop right click then change screen resolution - Advanced Settings - Troubleshoot tab - Change settings it appears the hardware acceleration at full.

I've also tried to run dxdiag in the display tab at direct x features it says that direct draw acceleration, direct 3d acceleration and agp texture acceleration are not available now the real question is how do i activate them?notes: NVIDIA GetForce G210M Up to 2303 MB. It worked any game 'till the reinstall.

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