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Our essential Overwatch hero tier list for Season 21 (April 2020) breaks down the entire roster of characters into their most competitive brackets, with massive guides for each one as well!We've tried our best to represent the meta, but don't take our tier list as definitive. Even if some heroes aren't topping our list, they're still capable of being extremely strong in the right situation.We've all got our favourite characters in Overwatch, and although some of them can sometimes appear on paper to be a bit more powerful than others, we take a pretty clear position when it comes to appraising them. All in all we think Blizzard has done an impressive job of crafting a roster of characters which are not only wonderfully distinct from one another, but also pretty well balanced as a collection.

The Overwatch team hasn't been shy to introduce buffs and nerfs as and when they've been required, and we only expect the game's tuning to get tighter over timeWith all this said and done though, it's fair to say that some heroes prove more consistently useful than others when it comes to contributing to a wide variety of team compositions. As a result, we like to provide a regularly updated snapshot of how the heroes stack up against one another, and do so in the form of the tier list you're reading now.How exactly have we gone about compiling our list though? For a start, we take our own experience with the current meta into consideration, before factoring in the generally accepted wisdom of the crowd via alternative hero ratings. We also lean somewhat in our rankings towards playing with other random players, rather than team builds favoured by tightly coordinated competitive teams.All things being equal this list will guide you towards making a solid choice within each category. Having said that, we encourage you to play the characters you enjoy and excel at above all else, and at the same time try to work around the hero picks of your teammates - even if you disagree. Editor's Note: April UpdateTier List UpdateAs we move into April, there’s the new ban system to take into account. Every week a number of heroes won’t be available to play in Competitive matches which should make the meta a little more fluid.

It also means you’ll have to take the info from this tier list a little differently, as not all heroes are available to play all the time, so it’s not all about the top tiers! Video by Your OverwatchEcho has arrived too and at the time of writing she’s very strong in the right hands. While we don’t think she’s totally broken, if you can master her, you can deal some serious damage thanks to the versatility of her ult coupled with her mobility.We’ve not popped her in this tier list just yet as we reckon it’s a little too early to make a total judgement, especially if Blizzard suddenly decides to nerf her into the ground - which is entirely possible.Elsewhere, McCree’s now back in business alongside Pharaha as they’ve both been buffed a little. Otherwise, this new ban system really does level the playing field somewhat.

You can recruit up to six characters for your party, so you've got to plan it out. This best characters tier list guide will help choose characters that can help you beat bosses into the ground, along with suit your tastes. S-Tier Characters Mediena. Attack: 79; Magic: 266; HP: 1636; Mediena is a Black/Green Mage with Ice as her main element of magic. Tier list remarks and bullet points on are not necessarily from Gamewith and are usually from wiki contributors. The Eternals and Arcarum Evokers have their own rating system separate from other characters. At the end of the day a tier list is just a tool to help you find useful characters. Please see this page for further notes.

You can’t get away with just playing the top few heroes, but need to embrace plenty of others as well. Overwatch hero ranking and ratingsHere's our Season 21 tier list snapshot, updated for the month of April.These listings are by no means definitive, and any hero can thrive in the right situation. TierHeroGuideRoleTier 1OrisaTankSigmaTankDoomfistDamageReaperDamageBaptisteSupportMoiraSupportTier 2D.VaTankReinhardtTankZaryaTankWinstonTankSombraDamageMcCreeDamagePharahDamageAnaSupportTier 3LucioSupportRoadhogTankWrecking BallTankGenjiDamageTracerDamageWidowmakerDamageJunkratDamageTorbjornDamageZenyattaSupportTier 4AsheDamageSoldier: 76DamageHanzoDamageMeiDamageBrigitteSupportMercySupportTier 5BastionDamageSymmetraDamageTier 1Orisa TankEver since she launched, Orisa's struggled to break out of a mid-table position - until now. She's finally in the limelight and it's all thanks to her solid set of abilities which keeps her teammates out of harm's way.All in all, Orisa's a very strong pick as she's able to rally an entire team around her and make them very, very difficult to down.Sigma TankSigma's a formidable force on the battlefield and that's thanks to his diverse kit. He's able to convert enemy fire into shield juice and can fling shields into chokepoints without putting himself in danger. Oh, and his damage output isn't too shabby either.Baptiste SupportBaptiste has a pretty high skill ceiling, but if you can get the hang of him, he's one of the strongest healers in the game right now. His invulnerability aura is also a brilliant way to cancel out strong AoE abilities, in particular, Sigma's ultimate.Moira SupportMoira's orbs can pass through barriers, which makes her an ideal choice in the current meta.

She's also able to fade away from aggressive flankers and largely take care of herself if things get a bit sketchy.Essentially, she's definitely a support you can rely on right now.Reaper DamageReaper's a great pick in the barrier meta as he's got strong sustain and the ability to dish out some serious damage. Sure, he's a little one dimensional, but he gets the job done.Doomfist DamageDoomfist's mobility and power make him an exceptionally strong pick right now. It also helps his abilities aren't affected by barriers, so he's able to race into the backline and cause some serious damage. Tier 2Zarya TankZarya’s another tank who’s been a staple for a while and that’s down to the fact that she compliments the likes of Reinhardt and Genji nicely. Her bubble shield can soak up damage from bursty heroes like Zenyatta, Hanzo and Junkrat too, which feeds her energy bar really quickly and builds her strong Ultimate ability.Zarya’s Ultimate also combos well with Hanzo’s Dragonstrike, Reinhardt’s Earthshatter and many more besides. She’s a super flexible pick who’s able to wrench her allies out of danger while increasing her power at the same time.D.Va TankD.Va's still a formidable force on the battlefield and that's down to her great all-rounder style.

She's got insane mobility, negates ultimates and can harass the backline with ease. There's almost always a slot in the composition for D.Va to fit into and that says volumes about how much of an asset her kit can bring to a team.Reinhardt TankReinhardt’s seen a slight dip since the glory days of GOATs comp, but he's still a great pick in certain situations. It’s all thanks to his huge barrier that can protect an entire backline, as well as the devastating potential of a correctly timed Earthshatter. He can hold a team together and simultaneously crush an opposing one in a matter of seconds.Winston TankWinston one occupied the very highest spot on our tier list during 'The Age of the Dive Meta'. He's definitely not what he once was, but he's certainly still a strong pick that'll head up a dive composition when you need one.Also, his electrifying Tesla Cannon damages enemies through barriers, which is a major plus at the moment.Sombra DamageSombra's disruptive abilities are perfect for dismantling compositions who revolve around shields - one simple hack can bring down an entire defense.Ana SupportWhile she's not totally meta, in our eyes, she's still a very strong pick.

Her kit is flexible and she can shower allies with plentiful healing if things get rough. While the number of barriers flying around right now might hinder her ability to top up her team, she's still worth locking in if you need a strong support.

As a hitscan/tracer main, it pains me to say this, but those heroes are unbelievably bad. If they choose Orisa Sigma, (which i agree with you, they are the best tanks) widow and ashe are literally unplayable, and mcree is also bad. Add Basptise looking at the floor and pressing 'E', and widow's only redeeming feature is deleted.Hanzo is a slightly better pick, as his shield damage is great, but youre better off picking Doom to ignore the shields.Tracer and Genji get fucking manhandled by Mei, Symm turrets and even Sombra, who is by no means a good hero.Doom is the best dps hero right now, due to his 1 shot through shields and great escaping abilities.Symmetra is the other S-Tier, as with the double shield meta, Symm can charge her primary fire for free, while also breaking shields and not losing ammo.

Her ult is unbelievably good, blocking heals from Ana and Bastiste, who are favourites in this meta.TL;DRHitscan is bad, Widow is unplayable, easily F tier, and just play Reaper, Doom and Symm, even if you never have before, because their skill floors are unbelievably high. Hey, I’d like to respectfully say that I think this article is dumb, and the idea of an overwatch tier list is a silly idea.Quick tangent before I get into the meat of it, but the reason GOATS is still prominent in OWL and we aren’t seeing a ton of Bap or other stuff is because for months all the pros have just been practicing goats.

The coaches aren’t going to call for a swap after they’ve been practicing for so long. Actually the whole part talking about what’s meta and what the pros are doing is annoying and misleading to me simply because organized team play is vastly different from ladder play and shouldn’t even be counted when trying to make a “tier list” in the first place.So the reason I think a Tier List is a dumb idea for Overwatch is because every character is viable, and every character can be effective against characters they counter and comps they counter. Not only that but ladder play is different from team play and low elo is different from high elo. You could make a case to argue for every single hero that’s not in “Tier 1.”Wrecking ball? His recent shield buff is insane and he is so good at displacing and making space.

Easily a higher tier.Sombra? You can have a game winning ult every other fight and contrary to this article, she is not highly situational. You can use her against any comp on any map (unless you get countered) because her ult literally just nullifies abilities.Orisa and Bastion are both extra prevalent in the current Bunker comps, Hanzo and Widow are both incredible picks as they are one shot characters. Baptiste is incredible. They’re all pretty incredible picks.In fact the only ones I would really steer away from are:Moira: because when you have the option for Ana/Bap/Mercy why would you go Moira? She offers no utility compared to the other three.

You can argue her healing but supports are supports not healers, utility is necessary.Tracer: because her pulse bomb is basically nullified with it’s weaker damage. (A Widowmaker headshot does the same amount of damage as her pulsebomb) And flankers have fallen off even more because of Baptiste.But even then these picks can still thrive with good gameplay and into the right comp.The reason tier lists work for games like League of Legends, is because in League of Legends there are no hero swaps and balance patches are pushed out every two weeks.

In Overwatch, updates are scarce and actively switching to counter your opponent is encouraged. Therefore the ‘tier list’ means basically nothing.A “Tier 4” Soldier easily counters a “Tier 3” Pharah.A “Tier 5” Sombra easily counters a “Tier 2” Dva or a “Tier 1” Reinhardt.And if you were to argue that Soldiers can’t always hit Pharahs or something similar then I would agree, but that just proves that a tier list is even more silly because clearly personal skill weighs so heavily into a matchup. If you wanted to create a ‘proper tier list,’ you’d want to compare every hero at the same “ideal skill level.” (which by the way that would instantly bump Widow and Hanzo to ‘Tier 1’ because of their one shot attacks) Additionally, you’d also need to create separate lists for Low Elo and High Elo.

(Hint, Reaper and Pharah are widely more picked in low elo than in high elo.)Additionally, throughout this article you keep writing about “the meta” when it doesn’t matter because the majority of Overwatch ladder players don’t even play meta anyway. Off meta picks are extremely viable.

Everything is extremely viable. Because ladder play is scuffed and swapping heroes is encouraged. Not only that but some heroes are better on certain maps too. A lower tier Mei can easily dominate a highest tier Reinhardt on Hanamura.In conclusion: I think the whole idea of an Overwatch tier list is dumb and misleading. Because every hero is completely viable. You just need to know when to play them and how to play them. It’s less about who you play and more about HOW you play.

And you keep going on about the meta and what the pros do but what the pros do doesn’t even matter because organized play is SUPER different from ladder play. And low elo is even more different from high elo.I suggest scrapping the whole tier list. This isn’t league or dota. Counterpicking your opponent is super encouraged. Instead of going on about “what heroes are best” (because it’s super situational and depends on the map, your team, and the opponents team) I would just keep the guides and instead make a post covering meta team comps and how to counter them. (Bunker, Dive, 3 forms of goats, triple tank dive, regular dive, orisa/hog, rein/zarya, etc.) Or, even better, make posts on good synergies and which heroes to pick for which situations since that’s far more helpful than trying to say “what’s good and what’s bad.” Or write posts on game sense, ult tracking, positioning, and healing priority.There’s so many better posts you could have made instead of this one. I get the effort, but it’s a silly thing to make about a game that relies so heavily around counters.Thanks if you read this far.

I’m passionate about this so I made an account just to type this reply lol. Sorry for any spelling errors. I play in high elo and i just.

Don’t get this. I could write a lot more but this is too long already.:( This frustrates me and just makes me want to write my own guides. Torbjorn description is way off.He can kill most of the tanks with ease, he can do heavy damage at close and long range.He can shield himself and speed boost at the same time to either become more deadly or run away from a fight.His molten core can make a huge impact during the final few seconds of a match.Most people like you do not know how to use him and lean into the cheaper characters which is understandable and nothing to be ashamed of.I mean you have Zarya as tier one that shit is unbelievable.

Hi there!First off, thanks so much for this comment. Means a lot to us that you've stuck around for so long, and all the stuff you've mentioned is a great help!It can be tricky putting together a tier list every month, especially if we've not had a chance to pour as much time into the game as we'd like. That's why we really appreciate comments like yours.We'll make some adjustments to our tier list with the feedback you've given us, and we'll do our utmost to keep this page updated when the rework fiesta + Ashe has happened.Thanks again!.

Monster prom oc. And these files definitely allows fans to feel more authentic and part of a community. Again sorry to bother you T-TWell I mean, it's a great game and people want more of it- either in dlc, sequels, and/or fanart! So yeah, you are fantastic for allowing us access but also reminding us to be sure to credit the right people. At the end of the day, know that you are Awesome!

Hey, I just want to start by saying that I've been following this list for a VERY long time and it has always been the best out there without a doubt. I only just made an account in order to make this comment.There are four characters which I believe should be moved down just one tier. These being D.Va, Mercy, Moira, and Junkrat. I think as you go higher in rank and there is better team coordination Moira and Junkrat become less effective when compared with other picks. Mercy just isn't very good at all right now, and it's even arguable that Lucio is a stronger pick. Also The Zarya/Rein tank combo is the most used and strongest at the moment so I don't quite understand why D.Va would be higher than Zarya.It seems to me that D.Va and Moira have been put in tier 1 on this list in order to have the heroes more spread to keep the list looking 'pretty'. But I would argue that Ana and Rein really are that strong right now that they are THE god tier and you shouldn't worry about how the list looks.

It makes sense that tier 3 would have the most characters in it anyway, as it is a (mostly) balanced game.I think that MAYBE Doomfist and Brigitte should be in tier 1. However with the Torb rework, the coming hero changes, and addition of Ashe to the game, who knows what will happen to the meta? I thank you for your fine work!. Brigitte was tier 1 at release, but after the nerf and the meta change in general, she is still tier 2, but her lack of consistent healing means she only works in specific comps (or as a counterpick to dive). I would not place her above Zenyatta necessarily.Pharah is tier 3 at the highest (not tier 2).

Very useful in niche situations, and as a counterpick, but gets weaker as the tiers get higher and Widowmakers can aim better.Soldier is not tier 2 (maybe tier 4). Maybe in Bronze/Silver/Gold he is high-tier. But the problem is that there is a better DPS for every situation (i.e. Hanzo for burst damage or Tracer/Genji for mobility/flanking).

Soldier gets mauled in the frontline and dived in the backline. And he can't contest snipers.Reaper is low tier - not mid-tier. There is a better DPS for every situation. He has a big hitbox, moves slowly for a flanker and unlike other flankers, must be extremely close to deal any damage. He also has one of the easist to counter Ultimates in the game.DVa at tier 3 is underrated. While comps are more static and Brigitte exists, she still is often used as the the 3rd tank to round out the triple tank line-up with some mobility, burst damage and damage negation. She negates ultimates or at least limits where/when they can be positioned - even at the pro level.Doomfist is not low tier - in fact he's stronger than most of the DPS heroes ranked above him.

He has a low pickrate due to his very high learning curve, but he is arguably the best flanker in the game due to his superb mobility, tankiness, ability to be used for anti-dive/backline protection and ability to be played in brawly comps with his team. The ammount of combos at his disposal is insane, alongside an Ultimate that saves his life, nets him a kill, restores a portion of his health, gives him great mobility, zones the enemy team out and prepares him for his next dive.Hammond is not as bad as people say, but ranking him higher than Orisa, Roadhog and Winston is a stretch when we haven't seen him perform much yet.

The tanks are mostly in a balanced postion at the moment. Winston is arguably a superior dive-tank to Hammond due to much quicker mobility when diving and, of course, being a shield tank that disrupts the sightlines of DPS/snipers.I do agree with the majority of choices on this list. Sombra has been seen in high level play a lot recently, but she still requires teamwork that most people will never find to make her as good as other DPS. On certain maps, Bastion is very strong, but in general I would agree with the bottom tier.Widowmaker as mid-tier is a tough call because the variance between a casual, mid-level and pro Widow are vast. Thanks for taking the time to sign up and give such detailed feedback. I think you've hit the nail on the head with some of this stuff in terms of timing. With regards to Brigitte / Hanzo we've made some notes just above the tier list which explains some of the current thinking.

This should be fixed in the next update which will likely take place tomorrow.We have a very general, wide-reaching audience for Overwatch, sitting at many places in terms of ranking. For that reason we have to strike a tricky balance between what's useful advice for people of different capabilities and playstyles - solo queue, pre-made and so on.We do have an article on the best heroes for beginners, and so I agree the focus should probably be more on the hero's position in the meta independent of mechanical difficulty. We'll have a think about how best to handle that in time for the next update and having your feedback is very useful.I'm actually on holiday now until next week, so apologies for the delay in getting back to you on any replies to this. So this comes up first when I search 'Overwatch tier list' on google. Seems like you released it a day after it became outdated (Brigitte being released in competitive on April 30th and all). I guess if you're putting these out on a monthly basis it's a case of unfortunate timing.Some feedback, I think it would be helpful if - in your hero blurbs - you more consistently included some notes about what the characters match up well with/against and why that warrants their ranking. I'm not here to tell you which hero should be ranked where; I'm not your target audience.

That being said, if you're giving Zenyatta a t2 rating because you feel he matches up well against Tracer and Genji it only makes sense to ask yourself why you consider countering Genji and Tracer so important. If other players at your reader's rank are playing those characters well enough that they need to be countered, why assume your reader is incapable of doing so?This begs the question; Is the goal of your piece to give your reader some ideas for characters that are easy to pick up? Is it a tier list at all? Or should it be titled 'Top 26 Overwatch Heroes That Are Immediately Rewarding To Play?'

Right now it seems like you're trying to do both and I think ultimately you could be getting two good articles out of this research instead of one misleading one. The purpose of a competitive tier list is not to put warning labels on Tracer and Widowmaker because they require aiming mechanics (if your readers never practice their aim, it will never improve). However, a list of suggestions for easy heroes to learn would be a great place for those words of caution.I see in your most recent edit that a revamp of this list is forthcoming and with the meta comp being more or less set-in-stone it should be relatively easy to rank. I hope you consider including explanations of why the Zarya/Hanzo ult combo is so valuable in a healing heavy meta, and how Mercy's damage boost interacts with spirit dragon vs a defensive transcendence. Congrats on being the top result on google search. Keep it up, the community is counting on you.

This tier list is pretty bad. Lucio is a much worse pick then zenyatta right now. Look at pro pickrate and look at high elo streamers.

Mercy + zenyatta is run in almost every game. Transcendence sound barrier, discord is very strong, and you can harmony orb your mercy to keep her alive. You put lucio in tier 1 and zenyatta in tier 2. Another issue is reinhardt and zarya being above orisa. Many high elo streamers say picking reinhardt is throwing when you can pick Orisa. People like eviltoaster have said that right now orisa is better in every way compared to reinhardt.

There are very few exceptions to this (like last point numbani). You can never win the shield war with reinhardt because reinhardt cant shoot and shield at the same time. Reinhardt also heavily relies on lucio being meta, which he isn't right now. Roadhog is better than zarya right now.

This is because reinhardt is very bad and roadhog pairs much better with Orisa.Simply put.Characters that were overrated:LucioAnaMoira (terrible with dive and bad defensive ult)ReinhardtMeiCharacters that were underrated:ZenyattaRoadhogOrisaWidowmakerTracer. Hey folks, just a quick update to highlight the update I'm about to put in the article.I'll obviously be updating this tier list in the very near future to take into account the changes that have just gone live with the new patch.That's not going to happen immediately though, as I want to wait until there's a better picture of what the impact of those changes are. I try to avoid kneejerk reactions to updates if at all possible, as it benefits no-one and immediate perceptions can be extremely misleading.I'd be interested to hear your thoughts on how you're finding things though. Have to disagree with this article about Pharah. I'm an avid Pharah player and her rockets are low damage with even lower splash damage.

I base this compared to an equal offensive player such as Mcree or a defensive player such as Hanzo. It takes 4 DIRECT hits to Mcree or Hanzo to kill. When Mcree can one shot or 6 rapid-fires Pharah AFTER he stuns.

Pharah's rockets are low damage and slow moving. Her reloads are manageable. Against Mei, Pharah is almost unbearable in close quarters.

So doing damage at a distance is ok. But don't forget about Widowmaker. I hunt Widowmakers and Mcrees specifically. One, to try and get them to aggro-quit and two, just to mess with them and have the satisfaction of killing them. In closed-quarters Mcree is a force but, in an open area map, I own.


Zenyatta is at least tier 1 in both pubs and competitive games. He's the go to off support in every team. Lucio offers great aoe heals but he doesn't offer the single target heals the team needs. Zenyatta covers that role and he covers it better than Mercy does imo.Defense heroes are just bad period and they're bad in pubs too. City of brass trilogy. The only reason some defense heroes have a high win rate is because the defense team usually wins in bottom to low level games, regardless of what they pick.

Unorganized teams just have a hard time breaking a defense, even if the defense team has zero defense heroes.Torb, for example, just happens to only be picked on defense teams 99% of the time. His win rate gets skewered from the fact that defense was going to win regardless of who's on the team. That doesn't mean torb is good. It just means that he's only picked on team defense.The fact that bastion has a 52% win rate despite mainly only being picked on defense teams shows how effing bad that hero is. Big surprise that a sitting duck hero is easy to counter. You're actually better off with two Mccrees than one Mccree and one Bastion.Mei, Junkrat, widowmaker, and hanzo are all awful too. Offense heroes outclass defense heroes, even when you are playing on defense.

Pharah offers more reliable damage and zoning control than junkrat, widowmaker was overnerfed, and hanzo is just a worse widowmaker who doesn't fill a role you need, and mei may very well be the worst hero in the game. All defense heroes deserve rank 5 with bastion and mei at the bottom. I made a number of changes for this edition of our tier list, including a movement for Widowmaker following the nerf. I'm making some further changes later on as I had a couple of uncertainties that I want to correct - I also think we perhaps need an extra bracket. You may or may not agree with the end result, but that is the nature of such things I'm afraid.It was already outlined in the introduction, but I've changed the wording this morning to make it even clearer that this is not a tier list for professional players performing at a peak level of personal and cooperative team play. Rather, it's more suitable for the vast majority of players teaming up with friends or jumping into the random queue, and who want a snapshot of how things loosely stand at any given time. To be honest this tier list doesn't make that much sense.

About Zenyatta as example, you're talking about bad damage output when his lmb attack combined with e is one of the most heaviest dmg outputs there are in this game. You are able to kill reinhardt with full hp in 4 hits while he has E on him.

Also zenyatta can be played pretty defensively because of his high range and the possibility to heal your teammates from a very far away range. Soon he will be at tier 1-2, when people start to get good at this game. Order from best to wtf of heroes and each of their strongest and weakest characteristics.Player - good / badLucio - team buff / low healthWins - mobility / low dmg outputmei - stall power / slowReaper - ult&dmg / rangeMcCree - stun / squishyReinhardt - shield / rangeZarya - essentially invincible / speedMercy - ult / terrible dmgHanzo - HUGE dmg output/ poor in close quartersRoad hog - hook stuns!?! / slow and no rangeTracer - mobility / healthDva - well roundedZenyatta - ult / squishySoldier - heal plus ult combo /Genji - deflect / medium quarters onlyJunk Rat - super good / easy to counterPharah - flying or ult / easy target for snipeWidow-maker - needs: better ult (shows each characters critical spots also?), ability to do some collateralsBastion - Let's your friends use him to learn how to play and that's about it.Torj - too easy to counterSymmetra - turrets are too weak for high skill levels teleporter is worthless for an ult (not even as good as Lucios passive).

Junkrat's description is a bit off base.' Nothing special in the way of mobility:' The man has a landmine that allows him to essentially rocketjump every five seconds. This works perfectly for escapes, returning to combat, and giving access to 2nd floor vantage points (which makes him even more of a threat).' Pretty limited direct damage output:' Junkrat has some of the most insane damage output in the game. If you get someone trapped, even the heaviest of tanks, they won't survive three seconds.

I'm guessing you're referring to his inability to direct this damage-sure, his weapon isn't the most accurate, but even if you miss, the splash damage is great at crowd control. If the enemy team bunches up, or if you're in close quarters, you can easily off 3-5 enemies with a few clips and a landmine.Like you said, you have to work harder for these moments.

Aka, you have to know how to aim an bounce the grenades. I get that this list is for new players, but you shouldn't be ranking these characters based on user skill and error. Junkrat shouldn't be deemed 'low tier' just because people can't aim and he has no heals.