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Gauntlet and I have a bit of history together.As a mere nipper, I'd heard of Ed Logg's classic arcade dungeon hacker, but I'd never seen it in it's natural habitat. So, you know, like many, I dabbled in the odd home version. But I'll be honest - it just didn't make sense. Playing it alone, it just seemed the most abusively unfair game you could choose to play - as your health constantly fell, you'd find yourself continuously surrounded by enemies you'd never manage to vanquish, spawning endlessly from generators you'd never reach - heading towards. Towards what?Towards Blackpool, the late eighties. Like any other child of the time, the usual holiday was a trip down to a dismal beach resort that, nonetheless, I'd look forward to with a feverish anticipation - because I knew as soon as I got there, they'd give me a cup full of 10p pieces and set me loose in the amusements. And one day, wandering one of the many arcades that lined Blackpool's seaside strip, my cash reserves dwindling, I finally found a live Gauntlet machine.

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10 pence a go.There was a teenager already playing it, faded rock t-shirt and torn leather jacket, a spotty giant, impossibly older and wiser than I. But someone who wouldn't mind me playing, I hoped. I slipped my first 10p into the machine.Watching, barely keeping up with this wizard in the game and at the controls, it all started to make sense. The player is running the gauntlet.

It's a race against time, it's a race for survival, and the player must cut your swathe through the enemies to the exit as quickly, as efficiently, as possible. And it was fantastic. Due to the frantic but laggy nature of the game, it's likely you won't hear 'WIZARD NEEDS FOOD BADLY' until long after you've died.Until, in one of the most maze-like, twisting levels, I found myself stuck on one side of a wall, and him on another.

You see, Gauntlet, had to constrain the players by keeping them together on the same screen. If one got stuck, or left behind, the others couldn't forge ahead.

Wasted years iron maiden. Wasted Years was the fourteenth single released by Iron Maiden and the first from their Somewhere in Time album. Released in 1986, it was the first single to be written by guitarist Adrian Smith alone. A similar Doctor Who reference can be seen on the back of the Somewhere in Time case, where the Doctor's TARDIS is parked on a rooftop. The cover depicts Eddie's point of view as he flies a spaceship chasing the Doctor's TARDIS. It reached number 18 in the UK charts.

You had to work together. One for all, and all for one.Unless you're a teenager who, until this point, has been riding a machine on 10p all day, and it strikes you that screaming at an 9 year old to move to the LEFT, NO, WAIT, THE RIGHT, UP, NO, ARE YOU STUPID, is the way to go about things.I don't think I've played Gauntlet since.Upon playing Gauntlet: Seven Sorrows alone for any length of time, it's not unlikely that you'll come to the same conclusions I did of the original Gauntlet - it's boring, and, if you're playing it on anything other than easy, it's hard. With the traditional choice of Warrior, Elf, Valkyrie and Wizard, if you're determined to play your way through the game solo you'll either have to pick the Warrior or be prepared to die repeatedly. Indeed, the Wizard is completely ineffectual on his own, as he relies on his projectile attack, a cute if less than useful nod to the original game's attacks, and his mana blasts, attacks shared by the others, who back them up with a far beefier range of hacks and slashes.