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Learn Beginning Statistics Textbook Hawkes Learning Systems with free interactive flashcards. Choose from 2 different sets of Beginning Statistics Textbook Hawkes Learning Systems flashcards on Quizlet. With more than 30 years of experience specializing in mathematics courseware, Hawkes Learning Systems understands what it takes to provide the best learning tools in order to help students succeed. Hawkes courseware motivates students through a unique approach to mastery learning by engaging them in.

Winning at Math: Your Guide to Learning Mathematics Through Successful Study SkillsDr. Paul NoltingWinning at Math is the only math-specific study skills textbook to offer statistical evidence demonstrating an improvement in students’ abilities to learn math.

How Learning Math is Different and How to Take Control of Your Learning. Reshaping Your Attitude Toward Math, and How Math Pays Off. Taking the Math Study Skills Evaluation. How Learning Math Is Different. Putting Math Into Perspective.

How to Take Control Over Your College Math Experience. Mindfulness and Success. How to Improve Your Math Self-Efficacy. How to Communicate with Your Professor. 2. How to Improve Listening and Note-Taking Skills.

How to Become an Effective Listener. How to Become an Effective Classroom Note-Taker. The Seven Steps to Taking Notes in a Math Class.

Note-Taking with Technology. How to Rework Your Notes. How to Take Notes for Online and Computer-Based Instruction. 3. How to Improve Study Environment, Time-Management, and Reading. Setting Up an Effective Study Environment.

The Best Way to Study Subjects. How to Develop a Study Schedule.

Math Textbooks and Homework. When to Read Your Textbook. Ten Steps to Better Understanding What You Read. How to Read an Online Textbook.

4. How to Improve Your Homework Techniques. Math Homework Techniques. Ten Steps to Doing Your Math Homework. Do Not Fall Behind and Watch Out for Shortcuts!. Using Metacognitive Techniques. Distance Learning, Computer-Based Learning, and Online Homework.

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Ten Steps for Doing Your Online Math Homework. How to Use Math Labs, Learning Resource Centers, and Distance Learning Resources. How to Work Effectively with a Tutor or Classmate. How to Recall What You Have Learned.

5. Managing Anxiety and Taking Math Tests. Understanding Math Anxiety. Create Your Math Autobiography. Understanding Test Anxiety. How to Reduce Your Math and Test Anxiety.

Why Doing Homework and Attending Class May Not Be Enough to Pass. Ten Steps to Better Classroom Math Test-Taking. How to Become a Better Computer-Based Test-Taker. The Six Types of Test-Taking Errors. How to Prepare for a Final Exam. 6. Assessing and Using Your Memory and Math Learning Strategies.

Ingredients for Math Success. Understanding the Stages of Memory. Determining Your Best Learning Preference. Using Your Learning Preference to Improve Memory. Improving Memory for Visual and Auditory Learners. Improving Memory for Tactile/Concrete Learners. General Memory Techniques.

Creating an Individual College Success Plan for Math. Appendix. Apps, Websites, and Search Engines for Academic Support. Learning Modality Inventory for Math Students. My Math Success Plan. Classroom Group Learning Activities.

Viewing Life Mathematically+ Integrated Reviewby Kimberly Denley and Michael HallThis software provides students with quantitative reasoning skills developed in a curriculum-level course integrated with applicable review lessons. Target specific remediation needs for just-in-time supplementation of foundational concepts in courses like liberal arts mathematics, quantitative reasoning, finite mathematics, and corequisite offerings, among others.Formats: Software, Textbook, eBook, Guided Notebook ProductISBNSoftware + eBook978‑1‑941552‑99‑5Software + eBook + Viewing Life Mathematically Textbook978‑1‑944894‑68‑9Software + eBook + Integrated Review Guided Notebook978‑1‑944894‑69‑6Software + eBook + Viewing Life Mathematically Textbook + Integrated Review Guided Notebook978‑1‑944894‑70‑2Table of Contents.