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This section does not any. Unsourced material may be challenged and.Find sources: – ( November 2016) iRacing only allows the use of a realistic cockpit view in official racing, but will allow for other camera views in test sessions or other sessions if the host or organizer allows. Most users use a force feedback steering wheel with gas, brake, and clutch pedals, as well as and/or. A can be used, though it is discouraged and puts the user at a competitive disadvantage. The gameplay is developed to mimic auto racing in as much detail as possible.Competition When the user account is created, the player starts with a Rookie-level license in all categories. In order to advance onto the 'D'-level license and beyond, the user must complete a number of races with little to no accidents, off-track incidents, or losses of control.

As the user achieves the higher-level licenses, they qualify to compete in more official series.For the standard official series managed by iRacing, each calendar year is normally divided into four 12-week seasons, with all driving sessions in a series taking place on one track for each week during the 12-week seasons. Drivers can participate in practice, qualifying, license time trials, and race sessions. The week between each season is referred to as 'week thirteen', and has its own set of series which change track each day. During Week 13 drivers cannot complete time-trials, and so cannot add to their licence level. Week 13, in general, has a more relaxed attitude, with an emphasis on fun, rather than competition.

Big business deluxe river bridge md. Week 13 is often plagued with server issues, as the purpose of the week is for the implementation of software updates. There are also non-standard series, examples of which are the four-week Rookie series, IndyCar, Skip Barber and Grand-Am Premier series, and Pro series. Races that are organized by members do not have to follow any official schedule.

The series are divided into two main categories, oval and road, which are further divided into several license level series from Rookie to Pro, and a driver must earn each license to be eligible to participate in official race week sessions at their license level. If not qualified for the correct license for a series, drivers can still participate in practice sessions. Earning a higher license involves both participation in competitions on a driver's current highest license level and achievement of a minimum safety record. The requirements for advancing and the licenses themselves are category-specific — in other words, a driver has a separate license for road and oval categories.Racing within the service is managed by a sanctioning body called FIRST. The detailed rules for official competition are published in the FIRST Sporting Code, which registered members of the service are expected to read.

IRacing run several different official series, but members are also free to organize their own online sessions that are hosted on servers run by iRacing. In 2012, iRacing increased the ability for users to run their own seasons through 'Leagues' where, for a fee, users manage their own league, recruit/accept drivers, and have automated scoring.

Any member-organized sessions are free from the license level restrictions. In addition to taking part in the different public sessions, a member can use a test mode to drive alone on any track with any car, assuming he has purchased the license to use the content. Development The company behind, FIRST, LLC., was established in in September 2004 by and after the demise of, which Kaemmer had also co-founded.

The iRacing service has been in development since then, using code from Papyrus' as a starting point. According to Kaemmer, iRacing retains the multi-body physics system of NASCAR Racing 2003 Season, as well as some of the track presentation and multi-user packet code, but everything else has been changed, or is completely new like the tire model and graphics engine. The service receives regular updates between 12-week competition seasons.In May 2009, NASCAR and announced a five-year deal of an online NASCAR-sanctioned racing series and on February 13, 2015, announced a six-year extension of their agreement. also provides the software used in the simulators.

Laser scanning iRacing copies real-world tracks using. This technology makes the track's geometry more accurate. Virtual reality iRacing has full support for both the. Content. This section needs additional citations for. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.Find sources: – ( December 2016) While the licenses to 18 cars and 18 tracks offering a total of 30 track configurations are provided in the subscription's base content, users must purchase individual licenses for each additional vehicle and track that they wish to drive. The game offers 94 tracks.