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Contents About “ Spooky Fact - I'm pretty sure Sean Bean must be the grim reaper disguised under the mortal coil of a handsome British man. How else could he have survived death so many times?”— Video description DescriptionIn this episode, Matt and Pat go to Russia. There, they discuss Canadian politics, run away from Vigo,Quotes “ Matt, where'd you find this?”— Pat “ Found this on the internet, on Steam.”— Matt “ Maybe if I keep running into this infinite snowstorm, everything will be fine.”— Pat “ Man, you know we're scraping the bottom when we're talking about Canadian politics.”— Matt “. 'and at the bottom I'm the only one waiting for you.' Is a good fuckin' line.

I should send - I should send him a letter that says that.”— Matt “ Stupid rock, quit flappin' in the breeze.”— Pat “ C'mon Russia, get good. Get roads.”— Matt “ I don't have time for interesting or unique games, I have to play my Call of Duties.”— Pat “ I'll scamper all through that hole, man.”— Pat “ Hey, it's from JoJo!”— Matt, upon finding a radio tower “ That mountain's like, giving birth.”— Pat “ Yeah, mountains do that on occassion.”— Matt.

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