Legacy Of Kain 2020

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In the time of the Blood Omen, Kain, a nobleman-turned-vampire, killed the members of the Circle of Nine, until he had to choose between his death and the salvation of Nosgoth. Or his life and the continuation of the Vampire race. He chose to live and took control of Nosgoth.

Kain gets an upper hand in the battle, but as he would use the Soul Reaver to Legacy of Kain. Kain gets an upper hand in the battle, but as he would use the Soul Reaver to destroy Raziel, the sword itself is destroyed the moment it makes contact. Description from v-gameart.blogspot.com.

After a millennium, Kain's lieutenant and right-hand man, Raziel, evolved faster than Kain. For his transgression, Raziel was cast into the lake of the dead where he endured an eternity of suffering. Raziel was destroyed as a vampire but reborn as a Wraith. Now Raziel has returned to Nosgoth to destroy his brethren, and take his vengeance out on Kain.

The first Legacy of Kain, 'Blood Omen', was a primitive-looking Playstation game that would have been more at home on a Super Nintendo. The slowdown was dire, graphics were basic, the loading between screens was unforgivable. But the plot. The plot was luscious. A nobleman slain for no reason is offered the chance of revenge by becoming a vampire. The characters were excellent, all classically trained Britons, rolling their r`s and delivering speeches with all the feeling of a classic Shakespeare production. The game was irrelevant, the atmosphere was sublime.

And now it is happened. Legacy of Kain has been given the remake it so richly deserves. A tour-de-force for Playstation graphics, Soul Reaver takes everything that made the original charming, and replaces it`s weak old 2-D heart with a pounding, atmospheric 3-D update.

The plot is unspoiled, as many of the old characters have now returned, years after the original. Now the vampires are in charge, and Nosgoth is teeming with unholy creatures, ready to die for their immortal masters. The big sick movie.

The game is good, it is easy to pick up, nice to look at, scary to play. But this plays second fiddle to the 1st rate plot and wonderful landscape it takes place in.

Tomb Raider should take a note from this monster. THIS is how to be atmospheric AND groundbreaking.