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This is a walkthrough to explain how to find new combinations step by step in the Little Alchemy game. Just follow the sequence to create each combination and you will end up with 580.
1. water
2. fire
3. earth
4. air

5. pressure = air + air
6. energy = air + fire
7. dust = earth + air
8. lava = earth + fire
9. rain = water + air
10. mud = water + earth
11. steam = water + fire
12. sea = water + water
13. wind = air + energy
14. stone = air + lava
15. atmosphere = air + pressure
16. cloud = air + steam
17. earthquake = earth + energy
18. gunpowder = fire + dust
19. salt = fire + sea
20. volcano = lava + earth
21. granite = lava + pressure
22. obsidian = lava + water
23. brick = mud + fire
24. plant = rain + earth
25. flood = rain + rain
26. ocean = sea + sea
27. geyser = steam + earth
28. sky = air + cloud
29. sand = air + stone
30. wall = brick + brick
31. fog = earth + cloud
32. mountain = earthquake + earth
33. storm = energy + cloud
34. metal = fire + stone
35. explosion = gunpowder + fire
36. swamp = mud + plant
37. tsunami = ocean + earthquake
38. algae = ocean + plant
39. isle = ocean + volcano
40. wave = ocean + wind
41. cotton = plant + cloud
42. grass = plant + earth
43. tobacco = plant + fire
44. seaweed = plant + ocean
45. garden = plant + plant
46. moss = plant + stone
47. coal = pressure + plant
48. ash = volcano + energy
49. eruption = volcano + energy
50. hurricane = wind + energy

The makers of Little Alchemy are back with a brand-new installment in the series. Android and iOS gamers can now play Recloak’s latest title, Little Alchemy 2, which comes with more items, new art, and more “charming” music to guide you through as you solve the various crafting puzzles.

For those who aren’t familiar with alchemy or crafting games, these titles ask you to combine different items to create new ones. But since that’s pretty much par for the course when it comes to the alchemy genre, Recloak has made their latest title unique by adding “funny descriptions” for each of the items — you just might find yourself entertained by the descriptions they came up with!Of course, the best way to play this game is to find out how to create the aforementioned new items by yourself.

But even with some items from the original game making a return on the sequel, there may be some points where you will find yourself stuck, and unsure of what items to combine in order to get a new one. Read on, as we’ve created a list of Little Alchemy 2 answers, cheats and combinations that includes some of the items you can unlock and create in the game. This is not a complete, exhaustive list, but we’ve included as many items as we could, for your easy reference any time you need some help with the game!IMPORTANT NOTE: The game starts you out with four basic elements, with the rest of the basic elements available and unlocked as you continue playing. Remember that you cannot craft basic elements, which include, but are not limited to: Earth, Fire, Metal, Motion, Time, Water, Big, and Small.

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