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ByKlickTock developers are about to present their new installment titled Little Things Forever. It's gonna be the second part of the hit game. Get ready to dive into the beautiful world of puzzles and get a hidden object experience. Collect pieces, solve puzzles, find small objects and even more. The game Little Things Forever will surprise you with its incredible art-work and cute soundtrack. A huge variety of the things to do will keep you entertained forever. Wait for the release of Little Things Forever and be the first who discovers this amazing game!

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No matter whether you are familiar with the first part of this odd series or not, the rules of the game are pretty easy to understand. In essence, your task is to find a specified number of specified items in colorful heaps of trash.

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It might seem that the task is pretty straight forward, but the thing is that there are no usual hidden objects scenes with dark and badly cluttered backgrounds. Instead, Little Things Forever will offer you to explore plain color sheets of paper with stylized icons of various items, including miniature representatives of prehistoric fauna, colored buttons, pins, tea cups, toy helicopters, spoons and other randomly scattered trash.As for the gameplay, there is only one game mode with unlimited time, unlimited hints, no random click penalty and simple mini games.

If you are used to the traditional hint system highlighting an object from the list, get ready for difficulties. Perhaps wishing to add some more complexity to your task the guys from KlickTock have replaced the usual flash with an odd light beam pointing an area in which there is an object from the list, but not the specified object itself.In general, combining primitive graphics with pleasant background music, unobtrusive sound effects and quaint gameplay, Little Things Forever produces quite a positive impression. We can鈥檛 promise that you鈥檒l love this game from the first level, but if you are a diehard fan of Hidden Object games, we strongly recommend you to get hold of the latest KlickTock creation!

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Leave the room and place the guest room keys in the Guest Room lock. You’ll get a message that says “TAP THE LEFT KEY FIVE TIMES.” It means the piano, go back downstairs and tap the left key five times.

Then go back to the guest room and the door will be unlocked. Read the letter on the dresser. It’s from Hugo to Alice. You’ll automatically change the time from 7 am to 7 pm.39. Leave the Ferris Mueller game and take the blue gem (#6 of 6).40. Go back to the cabin and use the star-shaped key on the mailbox to get a package for Hugo Simms. Take the roll of film from it.Click on the little numbers below to continue to the next page of the walkthrough.


The pyramid game in the playroom is an ancient Zen Buddhist puzzle known as ‘The Pillars (sometimes Towers) of Hanoi’. Usually, it’s just 3 columns and six discs. The objective is to move the discs from the left column over to the right, the only rule is that a larger disc cannot be placed on top of a smaller one. The optimal number of moves is, supposedly, the square of the number of discs, plus one. It’s been an adventuring staple for decades; I remember it being used in a Zork, back in the early ’80s – try solving it Read more ».