Lords Of Waterdeep Expansion

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Bought as an expansion to Lords of Waterdeep. The new Lord cards are a great idea and add a bit of variety; we use some of the expansion Lords with the standard game play too. Adds an interesting twist to the game and changes how you would approach the game normally.

Product DescriptionThis is an expansion set for an existing game. Lords of Waterdeep board game not included.Meant as an add-on for the popular board game Lords of Waterdeep, the Scoundrels of Skullport set features two new areas that allow a 6th player to join: Under Mountain and Skullport—inspired by the vast dungeon and criminal haven under Waterdeep.Scoundrels of Skullport also introduces a new faction called the Gray Hands for the addition of another player, as well as the resource Corruption, Lords, and buildings to the game.Don't forget to grab for a complete set!

Contents Gameplay UndermountainThe Undermountain module adds a new mechanic to the game in the form of placing resources on the game board spaces. This can be things like adventurers or even gold. Undermountain buildings are generally more rewarding than normal buildings.

For example, one of the new buildings 'The Citadel of the Bloody Hand' gives the player 4 fighters when players use it (the owner gets 2 fighters) and then the player must place 1 fighter on 2 different spaces on the board. When a player puts an agent on a space where such resources have been placed, that player gets what the space would normally give them for placing there plus any resources that are on that space. Undermountain quests also tend to be very expensive, but also very rewarding, granting up to 40 victory points at once.SkullportThe Skullport module adds another new mechanic to the game called corruption.

Lords Of Waterdeep Expansion

There is a game board for corruption called the corruption track. There are 25 corruption tokens in the game – one token at the -1 value with three tokens on the rest up to -9. At the end of the game each corruption players have is worth a number of points equal to the highest numbered empty corruption space. So if there is 1 corruption on -5 and no corruption on -4, all corruption tokens in players taverns are worth -4 points at the end of the game. Skullport buildings, like with Undermountain, can also yield greater resources than the base game building, but they tend to also give the player corruption tokens.

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