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Rune Focus also boosts the strength of your shields making you even tankier. You have two shield sources on both bars(Harness Magicka + Psijic Passive on backbar) so you're never without some shield. DPS is quite low with the lowest being around 13k and the highest being around 25k but the main goal is survival and it's still enough to power through the VMA enrages.Crushing Shock over Explosive Charge is more reliable; it comes out instantaneously versus your character rushing to a target, which can mean the difference between interrupting in time or dying to Valkyn's interruptable attack on the final round. It also works as a ranged attack when you're closing the distance to use Puncturing Sweeps.You want at least 90%+ up-time on your buffs in the back bar; Rune Focus/Ritual of Retribution keeps you alive and sustained with Magicka+Health, and Blazing Spear + Elemental Blockade deals the bulk of your DPS. Switch to front bar to upkeep Entropy and use Elemental Drain to sap Magicka and resist off targets. Puncturing Sweeps to stay topped-off; you can choose to use Crescent Sweep or Meteor on the front-bar if you plan on saving your ult for the final boss rounds.Round Specific Advice:.Round 6: The trick to the arena is to stay on top of the obelisk game and knowing when spiders spawn; horvors will clear out obelisks around them when they die and you can attract them to you with Crushing Shock or Blazing Spear. Stay near lit obelisks and use Channeled Acceleration to make a quick get away when you see them spawn.

Lurchers will always attempt to do a knock-back attack when getting close to you; this can be nasty when another enemy is channeling an AoE or if the spider daedra uses her lightning strikes. The poison commander daedra's DoT attack can be dodged; use this to your advantage when he starts channeling it. Webspinners can be cleared out with Crushing Shock easily, but you need to keep a constant lookout for them. The boss is a slow burn; lure the boss to the spider daedra add and line up your AoEs so it hits both of them.

Try to line up your destro ult and the power sigil when you clear out the final obelisk to burn as much of the boss as possible.Round 7: Never stand near a poison plant; if you get hit spam Harness Magicka and run towards the pools or restart. Venomcallers should be safely dispatched with Spear/Blockade + Crushing Shock + Entropy; don't attempt to close distance to use Sweeps or you risk running into a poison plant. You can easily power through the troll's attacks by spamming puncturing sweeps; just stay out of their AoEs. On rounds with venomshots it's imperative that you interrupt them with bash/Crushing Shock or else they'll channel their one-shot attack.

Round 3 and 4 take the cake for having waves with 2-3 venomshots; learn when they spawn and use the shield sigil to reflect their arrows. Always stand next to the sole venomshot that spawns and aim your DoTs towards the other 2 venomshots as they'll close the distance and you can line up your AoEs to hit all of them. The Argonian Behemoth's Stomp + DoT can be cleansed with Ritual of Retribution, or you can break free out of the stomp immediately to avoid the DoT. Know where the Maiden adds spawn and aim your Shards/Blockade the opposite direction of the other one to dispatch one out immediately. Run to the other one, and aim your DoTs away from the Maiden towards the Behemoth. Grothdarr won't do enough damage to kill the other Maiden during the shield phase; if the boss is too far away for Sweeps spam Entropy instead. Pick up the power sigil and use your destro ult, and you should do a significant amount of DPS to the Behemoth so he only summons another round of Maidens twice in the fight.Round 8: Easier than Round 6+7; the mini-bosses here use an attack that will take out 95% of your current HP; you can easily Sweeps to recover all of this back.

Use Crushing Shock on the Daedra pyromancers that use their flame circle attacks to interrupt them. In Round 4; you'll want to pick up the Shield Sigil straight away to reflect the Deadra's attacks, and focus down the pyromancers accordingly. On the final boss; I find it better to kill 2 stones + weaken the 3rd, then kite the boss and wait for the pyromancer to spawn and pick up the power sigil; close the distance to the pyromancer and kill the 3rd stone. Then use destro ult while the boss is stunned and you should do a significant amount of damage to the boss while killing the pyromancer. You can probably even kill the boss in this rotation with a high amount of DPS.Round 9: It takes some time getting used to picking up gold ghosts and dodging the regular ones. Daedroth need to be circled around them to take as minimal ticks from their flame breath as possible; their flame breath DoT persists and increases in damage until you kill them so you need to take them out ASAP. Otherwise, it's a fairly straightforward round; use ults appropriately to take down the mini-bosses and shield up when the Titan uses his knockback+flame wave as adds spawn right after to smack it.Round 9 Boss: Valkyn's AI is pretty easy to catch onto when you get the hang of it.

I would switch to Stamina pots here especially for the 2nd phase of the fight. He will always start with a heavy attack that you can block/dodge, then teleport and channel an attack that will kill you quickly if you don't use Crushing Shock. He will then teleport again and summon a daedroth and a healer add; run the daedroth to Valkyn and line up your DoTs to take them out. Using destro ult here is recommended to dispatch them even faster. While kiting the daedroth, watch out for either a lich crystal or a nova attack that the Valkyn will use.

He phase shifts at around 70% HP; take out the daedroth and run over to a lit sigil and kill the Clannfear to get to the top of the stage. You can play it safe by taking out a crystal each time, or take down 2 crystals and drop down and kill the daedroth add and get back up. Use Channeled Acceleration+Sprint here to keep up with the stone barrier to avoid the aoe blast; Elemental Drain significantly amplifies your DPS against the crystals and you should be able to take one out before the barrier starts to really rotate. Stamina pots or tri-pots are used here to give you more stamina to roll dodge the boss heavy attacks and the fireballs that land on your position.

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In the final phase, it's a matter of grabbing all 3 ghosts perfectly to interrupt the summoner add and to burn down the Valkyn. You can pick up the shield sigil or life sigil here to increase your survivability. Same your destro ulti for this and drop your ground dots too, spam shields if you need to but keep them in the aoe then.


The first time you clear this round and round 5 and round 9 are always horrible and take ages but the next time you step in it’s a million and one times easier and you’ll get a 2 hour run and after that an hour and a half and so on! If I was you I’d run a resto staff backbar for healing ward this and dampen magicka (bigger shield than harness magicka) will save you in a lot of situations. You lose dps but it’s worth staying alive. Ive done a fair bit of maelstrom and was flawless at 450 cp on my mag sorc.biggest tips, HEALTH, make sure you have 18k ish, trust me it will help. Going blue Max health/magicka might be kinda nice.

You might ask about regen, but honestly you shouldnt need regen because you are dying so much, (not trying to be mean) and after every round if you die you get all resources back, on top of that you can grab the sigil of haste and you will get increased regen. Use Ult on any anoying adds.USE POTIONS (personally I like immovable pots) these will let you not be cc'ed and you can puncturing sweep to your hearts content.Sigils: EVERY SIGIL CAN BE USED EVERY ROUND. Learn what sigils you want for each stage of each round. For example round 7 defense sigil is AMAZING when triple archers come out.Magicka/stamina whatever you're doing make sure you get to 12.8k SpellPen/Armorpen for this use some CPs to get there, Use the Lover mundus, and your 5 light, and that should be good.For actual sets, Grothdarr is awesome, its seriously so much damage. If you dont have it, get it or replace with Valkyn. 5pc BSW 5 pc Mothers sorrow should be PLENTY.Message me in game I have helped tons with maelstrom. @benjaminbutler PC/NA.TL;DRStabby Stabby Stabby, Harness, Repeat.Lover Mundus, and spell pen until you are 12.8k penGrothdarr.

BSW&Mothers sorrow/Julianos. I wouldn't feel too bad, it took me 3 years to beat it with my mag sorc.

For each change they made to the sorc class, it was giving me quite a time. And I was close to 900CP when I finally beat it just a few months ago.It's not so much as to the type of build/sets you use, it's going to boil down to play style. So long as you adjust your play style, things will work itself out. Eventually you'll know the spawn points & trouble spots. But if you want me to be honest with you, you're going to die, a LOT. And that's just trying to learn what goes on.Reading your post, you said you've made it to Spiral Shadows. In this case, you're gonna need some speed on your side, and a bit of enemy manipulation as well.

If you can make it (or have someone craft it for you), craft Speed Pots with Lingering Health. You get the best benefit if your alchemy is completely maxed out. It also helps if you got rings with swift as the trait, but that's just my own personal preference.Anyway.As for Spiral Shadows, make it a point to always keep an eye out for the enemy that drops the acid blob. Light attack it once to have it come towards you.

At least while you are doing this (and hopefully you will put some distance between you and the other enemies), you'll set yourself up to just kill it when it's within range for it to get rid of the webs from the obelisks.The major mechanic is freeing those obelisks from the webs, as soon as you are able to. Spiral Shadows is all about range, if you are set up for that. When the larger enemies come out, DON'T get up close & personal with them (unless your build is made for that). Keep them at a distance and take them out from there.

You'll be doing a LOT of running around, so don't be afraid to use the sigils if necessary. Your goal is to complete Veteran Maelstrom Arena, so score isn't going to be a problem.At least one of your weapons should have the prismatic enchant on it, since that works against all daedric enemies. Of course you'll need that only on the rounds that have daedra as the primary enemy at play. So if you can craft it, or have someone craft it for you/purchase it from a vendor, do so.At the end of the day, it's all gonna come down to trial & error. Guaranteed that it will take you a LOT of tries before you beat it. And even when you do, it will get easier over time. Don't lose hope, you can do this.