Monster Shooter 2 Endless Level

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Monster Bone+ / 上竜骨 x3 Dragonite Ore / ドラグライト鉱石 x3 Monster Fluid / モンスターの体液 x5 Hercudrome / ドスヘラクレス x4. Creation Cost: Upgrade Cost: N/A 1350z. Shell Shooter (Level 2). Aug 05, 2013  Yes. Yes it is enough. When the twin-stick shooter action is executed with such obvious love and attention, you really don't need to rip things up and start from scratch. Besides, the level of invention continues to shine through Monster Shooter 2's inspired art design. This is a gorgeous cartoon-violent world filled with splashes of blood.

This is a Beta version, enjoy it before it's open to everyone! Feel free to drop us an e-mail with any feedback to [email protected] --
Take the fight to our alien invaders as you battle it out in an action-packed planet-sized war zone!
DumDum successfully rescued his kitty from the clutches of its alien abductors in the 10 million-downloads smartphone smash hit Monster Shooter. Now the octoped attackers are back, and the entire planet is in danger.
A huge arsenal is available to help you obliterate the octopeds, including full mech suits capable of taking on an entire army of evil invaders.
And you won't be going it alone this time. Monster Shooter 2: Back to Earth includes full co-operative alien-blasting action with a buddy to show those moggie-munching monsters what you're made of.
Grab a gun and jump into the year's most high-octane, action-packed shooter adventure!
Monster Shooter 2: Back to Earth features:
· Gorgeous high-definition graphics.
· 80 different levels.
· Four destructible environments (suburbs, city, desert and arctic).
· Over 20 different weapons, including a Mech suit!
· Lots of new enemies and frantic boss battles.
· Three game modes (Story, Survival and Endless)
· Co-op gameplay action with an on-screen companion.
· Over 100 objective-driven missions.
· Soundtrack composed by The Witcher musician Marcin Przybyłowicz (available for download separately).
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Monster Shooter is a third person action game in which you control a monster bounty hunter on an adventure to rescue his kitten, on which you will face endless hordes of monsters from other planets.During the more than fifty missions that make up the game, set on three completely different planets, your quirky hero will have to deal with hundreds of different enemies, which shall try to end his life.