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However, no English patch exists and there is no team working on an English patch. NA/EU Release: Tencent made a new announcement (January 2017) confirming they plan to release NA/EU servers, but did not indicate when this would happen or any details whatsoever. The video with the announcement is below (video is in Chinese).

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Edit: January 15, 2018:Tencent has re-designed their game launcher and rebranded it as WeGame, so the guide below will be out of date. To install Moonlight Blade through the WeGame launcher, simply launch it, go to the second menu at the top (shown below):then on the search bar copy and paste this text and hit search: 天涯明月刀Then select the one game that shows up (it'll be Moonlight Blade).

Once one the game page just click on the big blue button shown below to install the game:-(the instructions below are outdated, but kept for archival purposes)1. Proceed to download Moonlight Blade, but not directly. We're going to (stands for Tencent Game Platform). It's Tencent's version of Steam and makes installing the game easy. Just click the button with the down arrow and 'TGP' to begin downloading.

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It will open a new page and ask you where you want to save the installer. But we’re not done yet.

Now we have to head to the Region tab. Clicking Region will pull up a window, but we’re only interested in the tab that says Administrative. From the Administrative tab click 'Change System Locale' and change it from English (United States) to Chinese (Simplified).You will have to restart your computer after this step. But make sure you’re not still installing when you do. And in case you're worried, changing the language to Chinese will not change your desktop icons and panels to Chinese (simplified).