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Jeff Stevens – vocals/rhythm guitarBrian Patton – lead guitarBen Keenan – bass guitarMatt Walker – drumsHailing from the country music hotbed state of West Virginia, the fourmembers of Novaflow had two choices: submit to the line dance, orbreak new ground by inventing their own brand of rock 'n' roll.You're reading this because they chose the latter.With inventive riffs, dark, deep melodies, and attitude to spare,Novaflow is one of indie rock's most innovative new bands, which makesit hard to believe they started out with no musical experience.' We started out as four best friends who had no musical backgroundwhatsoever,' said drummer Matt Walker. 'We went to a rock concert, andwe were just blown away.

Novaflow drummer Matt Walker said the band started out as a group of friends who loved music. 'We started out as three best friends who had no. NovaFlow & Solid CV V4.4: Full cracked version, no limit, full function, no termination time. Any softwares you need, only need to mail: Autoship 10 professional with all modules Autostructure 3.2.1 AVEVA MARINE 12 full DELFTship professional with CRACK FORAN Friendship-Framework 2.2.2.

We started a band on the drive home, evenbefore we had instruments.' What they didn't know was that Ben Keenan had been secretly takingguitar lessons. So with his, and the other three members' overflowingambition, Keenan became a bassist, law students Jeff Stevens and MattWalker became lead singer and drummer, respectively, and Brian Pattonpicked up lead guitar.As they started writing songs, the four new musicians realized thattheir group would need a name. While brainstorming, Keenan suggestedthe word 'Novaflow,' which Stevens interpreted to mean a new flow, ornew sound. With their lead singer's blessing, four friends from WestVirginia became Novaflow.Having solidified knowledge of their instruments, a handful of songs,and a band name suggestive of their inventive sound, Novaflow took tothe road. They gigged around the West Virginia/Ohio/Kentuckytri-state region, bringing their intense, frantic rock 'n' roll toeager audiences.With clear influences ranging from the pop of The Beatles, to thedarkness of The Doors, to the raw rock of The Who, Novaflow began togarner fans from as far away as California and Europe, even thoughthey had yet to venture far from their hometown.Closer to home, the band was making audiences stand up and takenotice. During a gig in Atlanta, after being told they would have tocut their set short, Stevens did what any sensible rock star would do– he made a lasting impression on the crowd by leaping into its centerand smashing his guitar to bits.

The group was kindly asked to neverappear at the venue again, which is fine with them – there are biggerclubs and massive stadiums anxiously waiting to be packed.Novaflow is a band that will be on your stereo and in your ears foryears to come.' We want to be the biggest band in the world,' said Stevens.

'Andthen when we get that big, we want to start being compared to thebands that influenced us. If we shoot for anything less than that,we're wasting our time.'

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