Panzer Elite Action Gold Edition Download

Panzer Elite Action Gold Edition Download Average ratng: 3,5/5 2688 reviews

Game DescriptionPlay both Panzer Elite Action - Feilds of Glory AND Dunes Of War expansion!BATTLE FEILD EUROPEExperience the Blitz as a Prussian officer, defend your country as a Russian Tank Commander, or march right through Berlin as an Allied Commander - three dynamic campaigns await you!HEROES IN AFRICAEven though he cannot match the Allies' sheer material power, Rommel's clever tricks and ruses keep them on the move. Fight on his side in the hottest battles of all times, or join the Allies and face the Desert Fox!FEATURES:- 3 thrilling, adrenaline-fueled campaigns all over the world!- 2 seperate North African campaigns - Patton vs. Rommel!- Squad Tactics - an entire Tank Squad is at your command!- Multiplayer mode Via LAN and Internet!Download size: 5100 MB. Patapon.2 cheats weapons.


Panzer Elite Action Gold Edition is a bundle containing Panzer Elite Action Fields of Glory. Additional maps and vehicles available for download after release.