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If you've ever played Roller Coaster Tycoon and wished that you had the ability to cause even more mayhem, it looks like ScreamRide will be right up your alley. The demo released today, and it delivers a mix of Burnout-style crashes and more traditional coaster-building.Join me, Andrew Reiner, and Wade Wojcik as we torment our riders. Whether they are being launched toward blimps or boarding incomplete coasters, these idiots love every second and wear vacant, drug-induced smiles. Despite some questionable engineering and trajectory estimation on our part, everyone in the game seems to be having a great time. We are too, judging by how much the crashes make us laugh.Check it out for yourself below, and keep on ScreamRide when the full version releases on March 3 for Xbox One and Xbox 360.Check out more Test Chambers by clicking the banner below or by visiting our.

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