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Title Subtitle Date Location SP01 Unexpected Visitor Operation Sighthound: September 4, 2019 Artiglio Port Following up on intel gathered by OIA analyst David North, Strider Squadron, along with a large detachment of Osean fighters and warships, heads to Artiglio to face off against an equally large Erusean force protecting an advanced submarine known as the Alicorn.

Welcome to the Disney Crossy Road WikiWelcome to the Disney Crossy Road Wikia, the official wiki for the mobile game, Disney Crossy Road. This is a mobile game created and released on Android, Windows, and iOS devices. It was designed and produced by Disney, Hipster Whale, and Mighty Games. Join us now in this ever expanding community and fan base. This Wiki is administrated by, and.The CommunityTake part in the biggest Disney Crossy Road community, now found here.

Find it now on the navigation bar, and talk with many different users, play mini-games, discover fan-made and real upcoming models, as well as exclusive information concerning upcoming updates!We invite you to be part of the! About the GameFrom Hipster Whale, the creators of the original Crossy Road, Mighty Games, the creators of the game Shooty Skies, and Disney, comes Disney Crossy Road.Disney Crossy Road is an all new take on Crossy Road and is currently one of the most popular apps of 2016.PLAY - As classic Disney characters such as Mickey Mouse, Jack Skellington, Sulley, and many more!EXPLORE - Many different locations from your favorite Disney movies such as, Monstropolis, Tundratown, The Pridelands, and more worlds to play in.UNLOCK - Secret characters such as Mr. Hopps, Abigail Callaghan, the Magic Lamp, and tons more by completing various different tasks.COLLECT - Many items that give you extra points, coins, and in some cases, secret characters.COMPLETE - The Daily Missions that await you everyday. The poll was created at 03:39 on December 24, 2017, and so far 271 people voted. Please wait, submitting your vote.

Last Month's poll Poll: What upcoming Cars character are you most excited for?The results of the previous poll are in.The winner of the poll was Fabulous Lightning McQueen, which received 51 votes out of 138.Not Chuck came in second place, with 15 votes out of 138.We have created a new poll which will last for an undetermined period of time.Vote for which Disney Crossy Road Update is currently your favorite!

Crossy Road gameplayAfter meeting at GCAP (Game Center: Asia Pacific) 2013, Andy Sum and Matt Hall decided to make Hipster Whale. The name came from discussing and the word ' came up in the conversation. Sum was doodling as they were talking and began drawing a whale, which would later become the company's logo. Sum and Hall kept the whale as the mascot for later on.Hipster Whale's first game, Crossy Road was planned to take a total of six weeks to develop, but after seeing its potential, the developers spent more than 12 weeks on it.

Crossy Road was inspired by linear movement games (modern successors to classic )such as. The name and concept of the game is based on the joke '.On 22 May 2015, and Hipster Whale announced, which featured trying to escape ghosts and overcome a glitch while performing the same mechanics as the, with the glitch based on the from the original arcade game, but with upgrades. On 20 August, the game was released, with the game then being released on, and on 22 June 2016In March 2016, Hipster Whale announced a spin-off of Crossy Road, which would be published.

On 20 July, the company announced its move into, and appointed former and employee Clara Reeves as the of Hipster Whale, who recently worked at. On 7 September, the company released an update towards Disney Crossy Road, which added characters to the game and a mode called the 'Weekend Challenge'. Products YearTitleGenrePlatform2014,2015,2016,2018Piffle,References. Hipster Whale. Retrieved 15 September 2016. Retrieved 15 September 2015. The Sydney Morning Herald.

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