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As you gusy may know that splatoon 2 is having an big update. So im here to explain this article about one of the big update changes. I will love to talk about the hairstyles! I might even go through some pros and cons (if possible)

Magnetically coupled circuits. Splatoon 2 gets new hairstyles, plus new music, modes and maps And, most importantly, an overdue fix to one of the series' biggest problems.


So lets start with the boys hairstyles!


So i shall start with the left inkling hairstyle. Now i really love the hairstyle i really think it looks cool! Anyways, so on the top of the hair its just like little spikes. Now this hairstyle is base off of a real hairstyle that guys use! So i guess nintendo wanted to make a real life hairstyle transfer to an inkling. Also on the side of the hairstyle are like the tentacles you can say like as if it more cutting. Now i shall talk abour the rigth inkling. Now this one i really think its super cute! So in the hairstyle its like there are bangs. In the side of the bangs i guess you can say little menagerie bangs along the side.

Now off the inkling girls styles!


So i gonna talk about the first photo. So in this one i actually pretty like it i think its cute! So here as we are seeing they are like i guess like cut off tentacles and then next put up as a two ponytails. In the front of the hairstyle its like the hairstyle that on the top of the looks like a bow but in the front of the hair a open space :T. Oh well maybe later on i can explain good. Now last but not least we have the most gorgeous looking hairstyle i ever seen! So whats going on is that in the front of the hair are just bangs. Now down to the side of the inkling girls tentacles are cut off. Not this hairstyle actually fits in i dont know why it really reminds me of Japanese girls with there Anime look along with the hair!

☆if i missed any information please tell me in comments ^-^☆ Diva chix forums.

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Octolings need more hairstyles! Octoling is the Octarian equivalent to an Inkling. Octoling (playable) is unlocked after completing the Octo Expansion (Splatoon 2). The problem is, there are only 2 hairstyles each! While Inklings are booming with 12 hairstyles combined, (6 each).This post is to let Nintendo know that us Splatoon players want more hairstyles for Octolings, and they need more.Here, we have 4 pictures that contain very well concepts for hairstyles for Octolings. (all concepts are drawn by: ).