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Jason of Star Command is a 1978-1981 live action television series by Filmation. The series revolved around the exploits of space adventurer Jason (Craig.

' This is Commander Karbin. You may remember him from the Separatist War. His ship was lost towards the end. Considerable injuries. He spent the last eighteen years on life support. He spent the last two being enhanced.'

―Doctor CyloKarbin's cybernetic enhancementsKarbin fought in the until was lost towards the end of the conflict, which resulted in him receiving considerable injuries that were considered to be untreatable. He spent the next eighteen on in a, and during the final two of which he was given a body inspired by that of the by.His cybernetic body has two arms which can split to reveal another pair, giving him four arms. He can wield up to 4 lightsabers at once, just as his predecessor General Grievous did.Meeting VaderKarbin and his contemporaries meet Darth Vader.Shortly after the, Darth Vader discovered and discovered Karbin and Cylo's other potential replacements for Vader. Vader was prevented from killing Cylo when the Emperor intervened.

Cylo then had Karbin and the others battle Vader to demonstrate their abilities to the Emperor. Tracking Luke Skywalkerassigned Karbin to track down the Rebel pilot who destroyed the. While Vader was assigned another mission, he was personally pursuing the pilot for his own reason: the pilot was in fact his son.

Vader learned that Luke was on the planet. However, Karbin planned an ambush to eliminate Vader. Battle of Vrogas VasDarth Vader crashed on Vrogas Vas and fought Rebel forces there. In the middle of the, the Rebel leader sent a of bombers to eliminate Vader, however they were shot down by Karbin's forces as he landed on the planet.

While Karbin's forces attacked the Rebels, Karbin personally dueled Vader, believing that with four against Vader's one, he would be victorious. Using, Vader got the upper hand on Karbin and severed one of his arms. Eventually, Vader lured Karbin onto a natural bridge made of rock and had his minion Doctor crash her ship, the, into him. Karbin barely survived the impact, and was executed shortly after by Vader. In his last moments of life, he realized that Vader had a personal reason for pursuing Luke, but never knew what it was.

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Contents.Plot The player creates a crew of eight characters. The crew completes missions from Star Command to earn credits and train personnel. The crew can explore planets to obtain valuable elements, and can board intact enemy ships to fight their foes man-to-man and commandeer the enemy ship.

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Reception ReceptionReview scoresPublicationScoreThe game was reviewed in 1988 in #138 by Hartley, Patricia, and Kirk Lesser in 'The Role of Computers' column. The reviewers gave the game 4 1/2 out of 5 stars. Was less favorable, writing in that Star Command 'wants to be or, but it isn't'. He said that the 'primitive graphics' were adequate, but 'the problem is that there's no sense of experiencing anything. Mostly you're, and after a short time it seemed to me that it was a text game which consisted of' mechanical. In a 1992 survey of science fiction games, gave the title two-plus stars of five, and a 1994 survey of strategic space games set in the year 2000 and later gave the game two stars.

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