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Stardoll is a promising dress-up game that’s missing some key featuresStardoll is a virtual paper doll/design game where you create an avatar and then everything else is up to you. You can build an immense wardrobe, decorate your home any way you wish, and create your own clothing designs.

You have quite a bit of freedom in the game, but figuring out how to do things can prove rather difficult.Stardoll has been around for some time, but has recently been ported to Facebook. If you have played Stardoll in the past, you will be able to link your account at with your Facebook account and everything you’ve acquired in the game will be available at both locations. Unfortunately, many of the features that are available on have not been added to the Facebook version of the game yet. This can make the game rather frustrating and hard for newcomers to get into.

The game was successfully funded on Kickstarter less than half a day after the campaign went live, smashing through its $2 million target in. “And we are going to be partners the whole way and we're really excited to see this come out in a couple of years.”. Ys net. Sony showcased Shenmue III and revealed the game’s crowdfunding campaign during its E3 press conference. The Shenmue III Kickstarter also holds the current record for the fastest game project on Kickstarter to. The final total is more than triple the planned target, although stretch goals had been set.that it will be partnering with Ys Net to “get the game done.” “Sony and PlayStation are definitely a partner in this game,” said Sony’s director of third party production Gio Corsi.

Stardoll is a free website that lets players dress up dolls and play various games designed for a young female audience. With millions of registered accounts the game is easily one of the most popular in the genre.Stardoll has been online since 2004 and has grown from a simple paper doll dress up concept to be one of the leaders in the genre. It’s now the most popular fashion, dress up and casual gaming website for a female audience (aged as young as 7 and all the way up to late teens).After creating your free account players are invited to dress up their very first avatar which will serve as their identity in the game going forward.

With plenty of tools to use in this process it’s not uncommon for users to easily recreate themselves in the game world or even dress up their doll like a celebrity (for which there are many online tutorials).Once a players identity has been created (which can be further changed and customised later) players can start enjoying the huge range of other activities that the game has to offer. With a large number of fashion orientated games, graphic novels, mini games and educational games there is something for everyone to pass the time in Stardoll. For those players that would rather socialise with others then you’ll find the forums and user created clubs the perfect place to hang out and make friends. The more that you participate in the world of Stardoll you’ll earn in game currency (Starcoins) to further customise your own doll. It’s never hard to find something to buy with Starcoins with the Starplaza offering all sorts of clothes, accessories, makeup and other items.Stardoll offers a great level of variety that will have girls of all ages finding plenty of things to do in this browser based game world.Summary:. Free browser based games.

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Fashion, visual novels, games, activities and more to enjoy. Plenty of customisation to create the perfect avatar. Earn game currency and spend it at the Starplaza.

Huge community to interact with.Links.