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I'll give you my tips.-before i do let me tell you there is a good guide in the subforum on steam; heres a link-I started today and the first thing i did was scrap that engine. Then build slow. Only the bare minimum's.1 mining laser.

1 water cooler. 1 food thingy. (note, i had to scrap the water cooler and food thingy once also and reuild them again when everyone was hungry and thirsty) This let me get another mining laser sooner.when the notification alert states a ship is incoming, i would scrap a mining laser or 2 and build 1 (or 2 if i could aford it) laser weapon.

That was enough to target the enemy ships cpu & weapons and drive them off if they were hostile. Then rinse repeat the swapping of those mining laser and the laser weapons.eventually i had enough resources to get established. I still died alot early game. It was not easy. But it was fun to be challenged like that.this is my ship currentlygood luck ahve fun.

Starship Theory is a survival game where you have to build a ship, improve it, train your crew, and gather resources for one reason only - to live another day of your journey.

Take command and survive

You build everything from the ground up, have to be mindful of the details every step of the way, and hope you survive the exasperating journey through space.

You will start in an escape pod moving throughout space, and meet random space travelers, as well as asteroids and stars along the way. With you, there is a small crew of four members, some resources and a long menu of options to get you off the ground.

The main and most important portion of Starship Theory is the very shipbuilding. This is where the game gets a strategic taste, as you need to add parts while still keeping the ship safe. Balance the size of the inside and outside parts, so your crew and the ship itself get everything they need for survival.

There are many text boxes over your screen, and each of them matters - some deal with your cargo, others list your tasks, and you will have to discover the meaning of all of them by yourself. There is no tutorial, leaving the player feeling like they themselves are stranded in space, fighting for dear life.

Everything happens at a slow pace, maybe even slower than you’d expect, but it doesn’t mean this game is easy. Quite the opposite, it aims towards a 'losing is fun' kind of experience that many enjoy in survival games.

Where can you run this program?

Starship theory runs on PC, with the minimum requirement of Windows XP.

Is there a better alternative?

Yes, if you prefer something more powerful and less survivalist, FTL and Rimworld are excellent alternatives to Starship Theory.

Our take

Starship theory is a solid, realistic game - perhaps too realistic for some, but it still offers a lot of food for thought, as well as excitement.

Should you download it?

Yes, if you tried other shipbuilding games and are looking for a different experience which still features the same taste to it.