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A stranglehold is a grappling hold that strangles the opponent.

Episode 1: The Guardian. Ultimate paintball challenge download. For the last four decades, hundreds of the most powerful people in American politics — senators, governors, even a reality TV star — have had to meet one unassuming state bureaucrat on their way to the White House.

Stranglehold may also refer to:



  • 'Stranglehold' (Ted Nugent song), a single by Ted Nugent
  • 'Stranglehold' (Paul McCartney song), a single by Paul McCartney
  • 'Stranglehold', a song by British punk band UK Subs
  • Stranglehold, a punk rock band with Taang! Records


  • Stranglehold (video game), the video game sequel to the movie Hard Boiled
  • Stranglehold (Transformers), a fictional character from the Transformers universe
  • 'Stranglehold' (Ghost Whisperer), an episode of the television series Ghost Whisperer


  • Stranglehold (1931 film), a 1931 British film by Henry Edwards
  • Stranglehold (1962 film), a 1962 British film by Lawrence Huntington
  • Stranglehold (1994 film), a 1994 American film by Cirio H. Santiago
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The director needs shooting. After 5 minutes I just wanted to turn it off. The storyline may have been good, I just couldn't bear to put myself through this awful acting. The guy in the beginning who shoots someone else, the gun sounded and looked really realistic HONEST! More like a Cap gun or a spud gun.

Very lame movie, that is 5 minutes of my life I'm never getting back and regretted all 5 minutes of it! Poor acting, poor screen play and poor movie overall.

If I could rate this -5 I would. The director must hang his head in shame for this poor attempt of screenplay.