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The Supernatural Legacy ChallengeHey guys, this is my first challenge and I'm really sorry if there's another one out there like it. I haven't seen one so I figured I'd post mine.I don't really have a lot of rules because I know everyone plays differently (I tend to cheat.a lot.and I know some players don't.things like that). So for the most part, this is just for you to have fun doing whatever you want.Game/EP Requirements:Base game, SN.

Generations and Late Night would certainly be helpful!! But not required to play.Overview:The idea of this legacy challenge is to have an heir of every type of supernatural.Create your founder in CAS - they should be a young adult - and choose a supernatural type for them. There are Witch, Vampire, Ghost, Werewolf, Fae, and Genie if you have Showtime. Humans do not count for this challenge.Rules/Foundation:1.

Send your magical elixirs to any of your friends’ games who have The Sims 3. Your Sims can hone their psychic abilities and build a career as mystic fortune teller. Discover supernatural items: Race around the arena on your broomstick, visit the gypsy caravan or preen in front of your magic mirror. Sims 3 Supernatural Challenge. Summary: A new sim is in town— she seems different what's her secret? Oh yes she's a VAMPIRE!

Your founder may have any traits you want and appear however you want.2. You may move your founder into any house or lot you desire at the beginning.3. You are not allowed to move any heirs off this lot after you begin the game.4. A family graveyard must be kept on the lot (so it's best to choose a large lot).5. Your founder must marry a supernatural (not a human) of a different type than their own (i.e. If your founder is a vampire, they cannot marry or mate with a vampire). This rule applies to all heirs.6.Non heir offspring (NH) can marry whomever they like.7.

Funding and housing can be done however you like for your own personal play style. (If you DO want a specific set of rules for this, I would suggest looking at the basic legacy challenge rules and go by those where applicable.)8. Your founder and heirs does/do not have to marry but, especially if they are male, it is recommended.9. The heir is the firstborn supernatural that does not match the founder's or previous heir's. So if your founder was a vampire and she married a fairy, the first born fairy would be the new heir. (If you wish to make this harder, you could also include a distinct characteristic (bright blue hair, purple eyes, green skin, et cetera) that must be passed down or a gender.)10.You can have as many children as you like, after all, it's only the heir that counts here.11. Heirs may not marry a human or anyone of the same supernatural as someone else in the legacy (NH not included - they can marry whomever - human or otherwise).

For example, say you start out with a vampire who marries a fairy. Their heir (the firstborn fairy) grows up and marries a werewolf. Their heir (the firstborn werewolf) may not marry a vampire or fairy because they were part of the legacy before, nor can they marry a human or another werewolf.12.

Children's traits should be randomized whenever given the option to pick traits or you can select a family trait (like the characteristics discussed above).ALSO: An addition that I finds adds to the story a bit is that, when any NH become children, their parent must buy or make a cure elixir and change the NH into a human. This way, the only supernaturals in your family are the ones that directly add to the legacy bloodline. Non heir off spring can change back (through another elixir or being bitten) or change into something else. There are no restrictions on who they can marry. Only NH Sims can marry imaginary friends as these are, essentially, human.

As soon as possible, it is a good idea to move them out because, with the extended life spans of supernatural Sims, your 8 Sims house limit will be reached very quickly.Winning:The game 'ends' when an heir of each type has been born (Ghost, Wolf, Witch, Vamp, Genie(if possible), and fairy) and when the last heir marries someone of the founder's supernatural type. So if you started with a vampire and your last heir is born a ghost, they must marry a vampire for the game to end.I understand there are other 'supernaturals' like mummies and simbots in some EPs. I'm not familiar with these as I can't play them (nor can I play the genie) but if you want you can just add them in with the same rules as above. There is no order you must go in.I'd love to see what you guys come up with and any (kind) critiques you have are much appreciated!! Please post pictures and comments so I know what you think!Hope you enjoy. Start simmin'!

A Thought.Don't forget that there are also mummies, simbots, aliens, imaginary friends, and plantsims.Also, does it count if a sim creates, plants, or spawn an heir or just if they bear it? This would lengthen the challenge substantially, making the possibility of at least two more generations.This way a founder can be a genie that has a vampire that has an imaginary friend that has a werewolf that has a ghost that has a witch that has a fairy that has an alien that grows a plantsim that makes a simbot that spawns a mummy.Recap:GenieVampireImaginary friendWerewolfGhostWitchFairyAlienPlantsimSimbotMummyThat's 11 in all 12 if started as a human! One other comment. Imaginary Friends can't have Imaginary Friend kids.

They're just human babies.Actually by game standards Imaginary Friends ARE 'Occults'. So If you had a witch with an imaginary friend,the first born Imaginary friend (I think) would be the heir. If imaginary friends were simply humans with weird clothes, They would most likely be available to make in generations or at least their clothes wouldn't have to be unlocked with cheats and wouldn't be considered as occults. You probably wouldn't every now and then be given an opportunity where you need a rainbow gem which gives you more steps (I think,I'm not sure. I haven't really looked into imaginary friends) Don't ask me 'How can you tell if their imaginary friends' The only way I know is that their hair and eye color would probably be passed down. I'm not sure about changing back and forth between Doll and Human form though. Sims wiki refused to cooperate.

Oh and also,Simbots can't have babies o. O Also zombies can't either.

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