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Code: endian bigget DATSIZE asizefor OFFSET = 0. Anger of stick 2 android. Code: open FDDE 'TOC'get FILES longget DUMMY longget DUMMY longget DATSIZE longfor i = 0. Code: open FDDE 'TOC'get FILES longget DUMMY longget DUMMY longget DATSIZE longfor i = 0.

Well, out of the entire extraction the only unknown compression files were all under 500kbs, and most of the obtain files are.DATs- two of which are 1GB a piece. Now I can take alittle inference to work out that either of these might contain 1) The maps 2)All the cars.This will be the last thing I request on this specific game as I think no more could really be done to seperate the.DATs, so the sample files are listed below. I'd probably understand if nothing could really be grabbed from this (due to compression).Samples:EDIT: After some thought I've gone back to the original assumption of the 1GB files containing the car models+ extras and have given samples for that instead. In my opinion that one is audio, like a headerless VAG.There was a tool to play raw PS audio data but honestly I no longer remember the name.That is one to consider actually- in my opinion, I saw the 4x156MB files as all the textures/minor models for each courses, but there are a pair of 208MB.DATs that also start with the.eUCLy header aswell, as does many of the.DAT files from this 208MB one down to the 1MB ones. Definite pattern here, this'll be the last sample as the pattern means the potential script (if anything) would not be just a single purpose job.

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(Have to be away for a few hours soon anyway)Link. Those UCL files have been compressed with uclpack.I have written a new script to support the Tokyo Xtreme Racer series (Drift 2, X and 1):Note that the x360 files can't be extracted with the current version of quickbms because they use a modified version of uclpack.c where the ucldecompress8 is replaced with the ucldecompress32. I will add automatic support for it in the next version of quickbms.Hi,This is awesome work that I'm coming back to check on as I revisit 3DS Max work, however I've come across this issue with all games I've tested in the series (Drift 2 / Drift 1 / 3) which stops them from ever progressing past a few tiny files:I hope I'm doing this right- selecting the BUILD.DAT/TOC to be used- but otherwise I'm a tad clueless on what's up. Also curious on whether it could work for TXR 3- have my eyes on the Corvette C4 WEST prize. Well, the script is right because those 8 bytes are not a magic or a value or anything.Anyway I have noticed that the uclpack decompressor changes the endianess and doesn't reset it so, I don't know if it may be a problem, but I preferred to fix the script with version 0.2c so can you try it?If it doesn't work then I need the whole file to analyze.Yes, this is seemingly working- in that a long list of DATs, TM2s, CL5 etc formats are being produced.The main ones which I'm interested in will probably be the top few- one 1GB dat, and the other three around 200-100 MB. I can only assume that as the courses, cars, textures or music.EDIT: Doesn't work for TXR 3.

I'll upload the whole BUILD DAT/TOC ASAP.Attachments:2.77 MiBDownloaded 63 times3.29 MiBDownloaded 59 times.