Tower Of Heaven Flash Game

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Join Eid, a tenacious silent protagonist, on his adventure within the Tower of Heaven, a mysterious monolith that promises glory to those who.

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If you keep moving forward you should JUST catch the safe spots. Then you'll be at some more single-=brick moving platforms. Jump over the skulls and have faith that you'll be able to catch the next brick on the other side.Then up the staircase to the last elevator that'll take you to a window.For the secret. 1d0e010b0b0a0c0e1a1c1e030a0c0e1a1c1e09080823091c0a091d0a0a041b0b091c0b03250b041a0c091b0c03250c0f1a0d03240d0a240e0a000f0a010f0a020f0a030f0a040f0a050f0a060f0a070f0a080f0a090f0a0a0f0a0b0f0a0c0f0a0d0f0a0e0f0a0f0f0a100f0a110f0a120f0a130f0a140f0a150f0a160f0a170f0a180f0a210f0a220f0a230f0a260f1e New Level Player. 2603240a0b070a11080a120a0a0b0c0a110d0a110f0a0b110a11130a1e150a0b0b0b0b0b210a0b210b0b210c0b210d0b210e0b210f0b0b0b0b21 Miniature Leaps crash826 Hopping. This is my level. Yes, it is beatable.

Here is my level, try it2a0c0e030e10171d0f05190a1c03080e041a1c0f1d0e000a1d020a030a0a090c0a090d0a030e0a110f0a0a04190a1e1e0a0b03090b030a0b030b0b030c0b030d0b030e0b030f0b0b0b0b031a0b031b0b031c0b031d0b031e0b031f0b03 New Level Player. 1f0c0a0c0e090d0f1d0a03090b11080a0f0a0a0f0a0a0a24150a201e0a0b0b250a0b210b0b260f0b0b0b241c0b15 1st Court qboy Think fast. But not too fast?Good for a first attempt, right? my first level!

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I suck.By the way, this could possibly be. Hardest level but does not have the hardest obstacle courses.5a0e031a1c1e08030d0f031a1c0c191b290f03191b0c191b23031a1c191c0a0a0a070a1c0a1c0c0e0903000a1d010a0a0a0a0a110a0a120b0a110c0a120d0a110e0a120f0a0a11120a121e0a0c270a0b2c0a1e000b0b0b0b0b03090b030a0b030b0b030c0b030d0b030e0b030f0b0b0b15190b151c0b031d0b031e0b031f0b0b0b0b0b0b032a0b032b0b032c0b032d0b032e0b032f0b0b03 Ascending in Danger Kevinmonitor Did you think Heaven was a walk in the park? You would want to think again. So what is this level hardest at? THE SPARSE TIME LIMIT. Save every second you can, k? If you're so eager, the time limit is.(don't open the spoilers if you don't want to be spoiled).drumroll.

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