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Google offers you the choice to filter out objectionable content while using its search engine. Here's how to turn on Google safesearch on your.

Whether you’re using Google Search at work, with children or for yourself, SafeSearch can help you filter sexually explicit content from your results. How SafeSearch worksWhen SafeSearch is on, it helps filter out explicit content in Google's search results for all your queries across images, videos, and websites. While SafeSearch isn’t 100% accurate, it’s designed to help block explicit results, like pornography, from your Google search results. Learn more about how to stay safe online at.When SafeSearch is off, we'll provide the most relevant results for your search which may include explicit content when you search for it.SafeSearch can be turned on for:. Personal accounts or browsers. Children’s supervised devices and accounts using the Family Link app.

Workplace or school devices and networksLearn more about and how to.Note: SafeSearch only works on Google’s search results. It won’t prevent users on your network from finding explicit content through other search engines or by navigating directly to explicit sites. Turn SafeSearch on or off. From the Android TV home screen, scroll down and select Settings. Under Preferences, select Search SafeSearch filter. Select On or Off.Change your child’s SafeSearch settings in the Family Link appThe SafeSearch setting is on by default for signed-in users under 13 (, managed with Family Link.

Only parents can turn the SafeSearch setting off. Learn more about. Lock SafeSearch settings for devices & networks you manageIf you want to guarantee SafeSearch results on another device that you manage, like your PC or Macbook, you can map google domains to forcesafesearch.google.com.

Learn how to. Fix issues with SafeSearchIf SafeSearch isn't working, learn how to.

Report explicit contentIf you have SafeSearch turned on and you find explicit content, you can. Related articles.