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Download UberStrike Kostenlos Thank you for using our software portal. Use the link given below and proceed to the developer's website in order to download UberStrike free. UberStrike is the world's first FPS blasting users across Facebook, MySpace, Apple Dashboard, Cmune's portal and HD client download. Skyforge xbox one. It contains 100% adrenaline and 0% farming and aquariums. It packs so much smackdown it should be illegal!

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Call Of Duty: Warzone

Warzone is one of the most realistic battle royal i ever played. Beautiful graphics, amazing weapons, decent vehicles and its also free! But of course, it ranges between 95 to 100 gigabytes.
By RSOliveira


In my honest opinion, I think that Elsword is one of the best anime mmo rpg I've ever played. The game involves a lot of grinding through dungeons and leveling up, but I think it's all worth it. Graphics - The graphics to this game is either hit or miss. To some people, this type of art style doesn't suit the 'reality' kind of taste and is very much 'chibi-like' and 'anime/manga themed'. In my opinion, the art style is colourful and the world of Elsword is overall wonderful to look at and feels somewhat pleasing. It's an original art style that should be given more credit for. It does have it's ups and downs because some people just straight out do not like 'cartoon-y' styled games. Gameplay - The gameplay is definitely not original, but it's unique in it's own way. I like combo type games so maybe that's why I like the gameplay so much. Elsword in particular catches my eye because of how satisfying most of the combos you can perform are. Even the skills are satisfying when you just field wipe the monsters and see those big damage dealing numbers on your screen. Sure, it takes some time practicing and memorising your character's combos, but once you have mastered the combos then you will surely be satisfied. The creators of the game recently updated Elsword and Season 2 of it has started. Providing more content for the game. This, of course, very much excited me. They revamped all the choosable characters and changed the way you played with them to make it seem more exciting and more original by getting rid of skill points and allowing you to gain more skills by simply leveling up (you are allowed to upgrade your chosen skills in two paths though). A few flaws to the gameplay is that grinding could sometimes just really get boring and killing the field monsters could get tiring too. Elsword requires you to be dedicated if you want the reward at the end of the tunnel. It's quite a medium-lengthed game that could be finished in about 1-2 weeks if you dedicate your days to it. Once you hit end game, you can begin PvP'ing for a long time and the PvP is actually quite interesting because the people, who choose the correct skills and memorised their combos, have a better chance of winning. Community: The Community somewhat feels quite empty to be, to be honest. The guilds that are created are sometimes very inactive and do not do a lot to do other than allow you to have useful skills in dungeons and what-not. The Community isn't 'awful', it's just quite empty and inactive (coming from a person who had been in several guilds). I think it's one of the biggest flaws in Elsword. If you can convince a friend to play with you then, of course, that's the problem solved. Summary: The graphics are a hit or miss and whether you like it or not is entirely up to you. Game play is very much grinding dungeons and killing a lot of stuff but, in the end, is satisfying if you dedicate yourself to it. PvP is also pretty great. The Community is quite empty but there are some guilds that do participate in the many events that happen in game. Convince a friend to play Elsword with you so that you can grind together and just do a bunch of it together so you don't get too bored. I recommend the game, Elsword, highly if you're into the hack and slash style and grinding of games.
By LuxChan

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