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For Valhalla Hills: Definitive Edition on the PlayStation 4, GameFAQs has 26 trophies. Valhalla Hills is a building strategy game developed by Funatics and published by Daedalic. It's a game in the tradition of game classics like The Settlers 2 or Cultures. The story is about a group of Vikings who were thrown out from Valhalla and want to return to Odin's table.

Static user interfaceThe static interface always stays on screen. It informs you about what’s going on with your Vikings and gives you control over the game through various buttons.Elements of the static UI - clockwise from the top left:. In the top left corner you can view information about your Vikings as well as the time and date of the current level.

You can also set the game speed (including pause) and select your starting portal. for more info on the different Viking counters see “Vikings as a resource” in the “Important game mechanics” section later.

In the top right corner you receive notifications about current events on your hill. You can select which kind of notifications you want to receive (if any). However, those are a very useful tool which helps you to not lose track of your Vikings’ issues - which can be quite difficult, once your village grows larger. In the bottom right, you have quick access to the resource monitor, unlock tracker, game statistics and the main menu. On the bottom left, you have the building menu split into three tabs, plus a close button when it’s opened. The open menu also displays your stock of resources used in the construction of buildings on the left-hand side.

Dynamic user interfaceThe dynamic user interface consists of various elements, that are not always shown, but pop up when they are needed - usually when you click a specific element. Click on. Buildings to display the building’s work radius, employees, description, inventory and in some cases the product menu, which you can order from. Vikings to display personal info, inventory, personal notifications as well as where they come from and where they are going. Enemies to display a short description, health stats and possible loot. Environment to display a short description and produced resources (if available).

Notifications to move the camera to the notification’s cause.Right click on a notification removes it. What is my goal?The overall goal in Valhalla Hills is to lead your Vikings back to the holy hall of Asgard.In order to get there, they have to gain Honor, which is achieved by doing honorable deeds down on earth (i.e.

Building and fighting). Once a Viking has reached 100,000 Honor, he will ascend to dine at Odin’s table. He will still fight for you, though - and stronger than ever.You can keep track of your Viking’s progress by checking the Honor-meter in the Vikings Overview. Just click the Valhalla Icon to the top left of the main menu.You can also click on a Viking ingame to see their Honor progress bar (yellow) displayed right under his or her name. How do buildings work?Buildings are your main way to influence what happens in your game. Each one has a unique job.

Most of them interact with each other, thus forming complex production and delivery chains. How do Vikings work?Vikings are the heart and soul of your settlement.

They work in the buildings you set up to gather resources, produce wares and deliver them to where they are needed - usually automatically. They also fight enemies - or run from them.Each Viking has basic needs, such as food, sleep and the occasional chat with each other.They will handle the fulfilling of those needs themselves (i.e go to grab a bite or take a nap).However, the more effort they have to go through, the less productive they become.Your aim is to supply substantial meals and comfortable resting places in close vicinity to their working stations, so they don’t have to waste time searching for them. Starting PortalThe starting portal is not exactly a building - rather a glowing rock - but a very important one.Every Viking settlement in Valhalla Hills begins with a Starting Portal. It provides some basic resources to get you started and serves as a social gathering spot where Vikings meet to chat. It is also the spawning point for every Viking that arrives on your hill. You can use it to order Vikings manually and get some information on your Viking count.Important: The Starting portal is the source of your Vikings’ power.Enemies will try to destroy it.

If they succeed, the current level is lost. Protect it well! ToolmakerThe toolmaker provides your Vikings with much-needed tools - most of which are required for anything to be produced at a building.From simple axes to fishing rods to spears to backpacks - the toolmaker is your guy.However, he is well aware of his importance and will only act per your request.Order the tools you need by selecting the toolmaker’s hut and clicking on them in the available products section. This will add them to the toolmaker’s production queue.Tools that are not picked up right away will be stored by the toolmaker.Note: If the toolmaker misses a resource to produce the current item on top of his production queue, he will halt until he obtains the resource or the item is removed from the queue.Keep an eye out for Missing Resource notifications to avoid jams.Note: The Toolmaker will only get the materials he needs to produce the weapon currently on top of his production queue.

If you want materials stocked in the armory, you have to assign a carrier. This significantly lowers the delay between order and availability of a product.Pro tip: Use free capacity of your toolmaker to order items that you are going to need anyways ahead of time.

This will minimize idling as well as waiting times and smooth transitions in your production chains. MineMines extract mineral deposits from the underground in the form of gold and iron ores, coal and - occasionally - diamonds. As a byproduct you will also get some stone fragments.Just like other resource gatherers, miners will collect all material within their working area but since they are working underground you will only see them entering and exiting the mine shaft.Note: Mines will exploit all kinds of minerals available. However, iron and especially gold are rather rare and won’t always be available in a given place.

Let a Geologist analyze the ground beforehand to determine the best spot to place a mine.Diamonds are randomly found in any mine and won’t be marked by the Geologist. Army Camp/ Military CampThese two buildings let you establish and control your strike force.To assemble your army, you can order three different types of soldiers:Axemen, archers and healers. However, the camp’s Sergeant always carries an axe.Once they picked up their respective weapons, soldiers will start looking for Beer, Gold and equipment.Soldiers always stay in close vicinity to their camp - or follow up immediately, when it is moved. Relocate camps to scout the map, attack enemies or let your soldiers collect equipment.Note: Soldiers strictly act within their camp’s working area.

They will not recognise any enemies or items outside of it. Be sure to place them near a source of food, or they will starve! StoragesStorages are very important to organize your wares and resources.Storage workers will collect products from the producers around your village and take them to their storage. There they can be picked up by anyone who needs them. This opens up the producer’s capacity by freeing up their small local stock and shortens the way Vikings have to walk to pick up a given resource.Aside from the general storage, which can stock all sorts of wares, there are specialised storages that will only collect their respective items (i.e. Food, military supplies, etc).In general, having the biggest possible storage at the center of your settlement is a good idea.Note: Storages have a fixed number of slots.

Each slot can hold one kind of resource. The amount of slots as well as their capacity depend on the storage’s size.Two slots inside one storage can not hold the same type of items. Hence, the limit on a given slot is also the maximum count of the same item in a given storage.Exception: The Small Storage can use all slots for the same type of resource, enabling it to hold up to 30 units of a given item.Pro tip: Use the Small Storage when you want large amounts of a single type of resource stored (i.e.

To collect fish from a cluster of Fishing Lodges). Then place a courier next to it to pick them up.

CouriersCouriers deliver wares over long distances. They are useful to improve your supply network in most cases and are absolutely essential to guarantee a steady flow of wares to and from your outposts. You can relocate them for free to adapt to changes in your village layout.A courier’s goal is to supply all the buildings (this includes construction sites) inside his working area with all materials they need. He will go through the following steps to accomplish this:.

Make a list of all materials needed in his working area. Go to another courier post of the same color and look for materials from his list in that post’s working area. Repeat until all items on the list are collected or his own post is reached again. Deliver the wares he gathered on his trip to the buildings that ordered them.Note: A courier will only respond to building’s needs, not other Vikings’.Hence, if you want food delivered to a specific area, you have to place a food demanding building (i.e. A Kitchen or Food Storage) in that courier’s working area.Pro tip: Place Couriers next to Storages to maximize the resources available in the near vicinity.

HunterHunters produce Meat, Leather and Bones by hunting animals.Hunters will go for any Animal within their working area, regardless of their chances to survive.Make sure to provide your Hunter with the best Spears you can afford, so they don’t get hurt when taking on more dangerous prey.Note: If a Hunter hits his target heavily depends on chance - so, on a bad day, it may take him a while to take down an animal and produce some wares.Pro tip: A group of Rabbits can recover and produce new members, as long as there are some of them left. Pause your Hunter to stop him from overharvesting them to maintain a risk-free source of animal products. Alternatively combine your Hunter with an Animal Breeder. HousingDwellings serve a double purpose:They increase Viking Capacity - the number of Vikings that can live on a hill simultaneously. However, Viking Capacity cannot exceed the map-given maximum of requestable Vikings.Houses also provide some comfy beds for your Vikings to sleep in - so they will recover from tiredness in a much shorter period of time.The bigger a tenement is, the more Viking Capacity and beds it provides.Remember to build them regularly, before you run out of available workers.Note: Vikings will only move into a house and use a bed there when their work station is within its catchment area.

The larger the house, the larger its catchment area. MeatMeat offers better nourishment than Fish or Fruit. Like the Fish, its production chain consists of only one building.

However, Meat is a rather unreliable source of food, for multiple reasons:Since it can only be obtained by a Hunter, its production rate is rather unstable.If your Hunter has a bad day, it may take him a while to take down an animal - or even worse, he may die in the process.By default animals are a limited resource. Once your Hunter has exhausted the natural population, you will have to build an Animal Breeder, who in turn needs Wheat and Water, expanding the production chain by at least three buildings and two additional steps.

BreadBread is the most nourishing food (that’s not made from other food).The underlying production chain can be set up on any type of hill, though sometimes a little landscaping might be necessary beforehand.The drawback on Bread is the immense amount of resources it requires. Not only to set up the production chain - consisting of Wheat Farm(s), Mill and Bakery as well as a source of Wood or Coal - but also to maintain it and, of course, to produce the food itself.Furthermore, while the output rate is constant and at medium speed, the total amount of time it takes to produce a single loaf is rather high.Note: Farmers and Millers will look for food only in their close vicinity and continue to work, even when they are starving.

Even though this is essential to power through temporary shortages, consider giving them a break, before they work themselves to death. SpellsSpells are a mighty tool that is useful in a lot of different ways.They can turn stones into food, heal your soldiers or destroy your enemies.There are four categories of spells:. Blue spells boost your Vikings.

Green spells influence the current hill’s environment. Yellow spells help fill your Viking’s bellies. Red spells deal damage to all neutral and enemy unitsUses of a spell are bought with sacrifices at the Altar.Once the offering is complete, the spell is ready and at your disposal.An Icon will appear in the top left corner of your screen. Click it to activate the spell.Most spells are targeted. On activation your cursor turns into a targeting graphic that displays the area of effect.

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Click left again to fire the spell - or right click to cancel.Spells that are not targeted are activated instantly when you click their icon.They cannot be canceled.You can hold up to four spells simultaneously, depending on how many spell slots you have unlocked. Wild AnimalsThere’s rich fauna to be found on most hills - all of it is source for Meat, Bones and Leather:. Some animals have no means to hurt your Vikings, even if you attack them:Rabbits, Goats and Cattle. Others will mind their own business until they get a spear thrown at them:Bulls and Boars.

Most however will attack your Vikings when they traverse their territory:Bears, Wolves and ScorpionsAnimal packs living near cave entrances (small structures of grey, natural stone) can recover over time, as long as there is one of them left. Once they are all gone, they won’t recover.Note: Hunters don’t distinguish between harmless and aggressive animals. Sometimes their boldness will get them ending up in dire situations.

Check in on them regularly to see what they are up to.Soldiers can clear out aggressive animals. However, their brute force will destroy their skin, so there won’t be any Leather to loot from their remains. Dome DwarfsYour Vikings are not the only tribe that wants to settle the Valhalla Hills.Dome Dwarfs live deep inside the mountains, digging their way to the surface. Eventually they will break through and start spreading all over the hill, corrupting the earth beneath them.Like monsters, Dome Dwarfs may drop Gold and Malt Beer when they die.Dome Dwarfs love to fight and will send raiding parties towards your village regularly.Remember to set up a solid defense system in time.To get rid of the Dome Dwarfs you have to fight them. Beat their warriors, destroy their buildings and collapse the entrances to their caves.But keep in mind: as long as there are Locked Cave entrances left, they might resurface.Note: (Un)Check Enable Dome Dwarfs in the map creation menu to suit your preferences. MummiesOn Desert Hills you may encounter Mummies. FightingAll Vikings can fight.

It’s in their blood.However, non-military Vikings only fight for self-defense from wild animals or other intruders.They will throw punches or use whatever tool they carry to inflict some minor damage.If their own health drops too low, they will make a run for it - although not necessarily to safety.Civilian Vikings decide for themselves when to fight and when to run. You have no means of influencing their combat.Soldiers are a different deal. Like all your Vikings, they too have their own way of handling things. But you can order them around quite accurately and they will fulfill their duty.Being disciplined fighters, they won’t abandon the field and fight fiercely until they drop.Boosting your Soldiers before sending them into battle increases their chances significantly:Malt Beer increases their Health, so they can fight longer.Gold and Weapons let them deal more Damage.Here is a tactics 101 that may help you use your Army to full efficiency.

Focusing a targetIf you want your Soldiers to attack a specific unit, position their camp in a spot where your objective is the only valid target in range.If you can’t find a fitting spot, try this:Let your Soldiers group somewhere with no enemies nearby, then place their camp next to your target. On relocation, Soldiers first meet at the flag post, before they look for a target and will attack what is closest to them at that point. Case A: A Soldier is attacked on their way:Others will come to help him.The enemy is focused.This works best with few or no other attackers nearby. Case B: They reach their new position without disruption:The closest building will be attacked. Tactical dischargeAlways keep a close look at your Soldiers’ Health bar while they are fighting. Select the military camp to have a well-ordered overview of their status.

When a Soldier’s health gets dramatically low, consider dismissing them (by pressing the x-button next to his name).Relief from their duties allows them to flee the fight, giving them a fair chance to survive.You can reemploy them later by placing the camp next to them and ordering your desired weapon. This won’t work if they already picked up another job, of course. How do I stop my Vikings from starving?Maintaining a steady food supply for your Vikings is an important element of the game and one of the toughest challenges.

/home/.USERNAME./.config/Epic/ValhallaHills/Saved/SaveGames/. End Valhalla Hills. Rename the old savegame (1 to 3 equals left to right profiles.). Restart Valhalla Hills and create a new profile in the corrupted profile’s slotWarning: The Unlocks you achieved with the corrupted savegame won't be available in the new one!Note: Any renamed savegames will not be recognised by Valhalla Hills.Renaming instead of deleting offers the possibility to re-enable a renamed savegame by changing its name back.