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VANDAL HEARTS 2 FAQS(Location of maps and stuff)Version 2, update Jan 9,2000by CHIE-MAIL:First off, this is my first ever written faqs of any game so it mightnot be good when compare to other faqs out there. The reason why Idecided to write this faqs is because for some strange reason no one hasreally written a faqs for it in terms of where the hidden items arelocated.

Vandal Hearts is a truly excellent strategy RPG from way back. I had originally owned this one years ago yet lost it during one of my many moves since then. So I decided to buy it again.

This is not a walkthrough but a faqs that will give you thelocation as to where you can find all the important hidden stuff. Inlater version, if there is a later version I might do a more completefaqs as to where to find all the hidden items in each battle map.Contents:0. What's new in version 2.1. How to read this faqs.1.5 Message to readers.2. Common Questions.3. Tips and Tricks.4. Location of Battlemaps 0-14.5.

Location of the 7 Prism.6. Location of maps A-C.7. Location of special armours.8. Weapons list.9. Locations of all the items.10. Multiple Endings.11.

Extra Scenes.12. Questions from me.13. Final comment from me.14. Thanks to.15. Copyright statement.0. What's new in version 2.I added what items can be found in each of extra battle maps plus itemsto be found in all the battle maps of each chapter section. I added somemore commmon questions.

Revised the multiple ending and thanks sections.Found the flyer special armour. Added section 1.5, added a Tips & tickssection as well as a weapons list. Added an extra scene section. Thisfaqs will give you what you need to get 100% in the game.1. How to read this faqs.This faqs is very easy to read. V is for vertical and H is forhorizontal.

So when I write V6, H7, I mean vertical 6 and horizontal 7.When I list the location of items and maps, they are not in the order ofwhich you will find in the game. Just keep that in mind. Other thanthat, enjoy this faqs.1.5 Message to readers:I want to make this very clear. I made this faqs for people who hadalready beaten the game and was wondering what weapons/items they missedout on or whether or not they could get a better ending. Arc forsaken world download. This faqs isnot intended for first time players which is why there are no storyspoilers warning in this faqs. First time players, read this faqs atyour own risk.

Questions just e-mail me.2. Common Questions:Here are some common questions you might ask yourself.Q: How do I open treasure chest?A: You can open treasure chest with the unlock ability from the Bowieweapon.Q: How do I search for items on the ground?A: You need the searchmark ability from the Antennae weapon.Q: What kind of markings on the ground should I look for when lookingfor hidden items?A: Look for unusual small markings/designs or patches on the ground.Q: How do I reach treasure chests that are high up in the ground?A: You need either the blockmake or double blockmake ability. You canget the blockmake from the pickaxe weapon and the double blockmake fromthe goldbat weapon.Q: How do I get a treasure chest surrounded by crates?A: You need the blockbreak ability from the maracas.Q: In the West Paua Sea map there are a couple of chests very high. Ican't make blocks to reach it.A: You need to get the terraformer ability first. The terraformerability let you change the terrain of the land to regular terrainincluding water.

You can get it from a shield located in a chest in WestPaua Sea.Q: How do I work the shockline and deltashock magic properly?A: For the shockline you need 2 people. One with the shockline magic andthe other with either linerune or deltite equip. Now place the twofighters in a parallel line with one another.

The shockline magic willbe cast and will hit anything standing between the two fighters. For thedeltashock, you need 3 people.

One with the deltashock magic, one equipwith the linerune, and the last person equip with the deltite. Thedeltashock magic will be cast and will hit anything in a triangle form.So try and position the 3 fighters in a triangle form with the enemiesinside this triangle form.Q: What are the best weapons in the game?A: The best weapons are Moontip (att 150), Vandal Hearts (att 135),Golden (att 124), and the Evil doll.The Evil doll is the only one you can get right at the beginning orChapter 3.

The others your going to have to wait till late in Chapter 4.Q: What is the best weapon and armour combo?A: THe best combo is the coffin and the L-Mach armour. The coffin canhit and reach anything on the battlemap but has 0 movement. The L-Machhas 30 movements but only 1 hp. This will allow the fighter to movepretty much anywhere on the battle map while staying out of harms way.Very good at killing mages and long range archers.Q; How do I change the Zero Map into the Mirror Room?A: You need to find and equip the 0-Mirror.

You can find the 0-Mirror atV1, H14 inside Zerro Map.Q: What does the seed do?A: The seed changes the East Railroad into a ground of flowers. Thiswill allow you to find and get the Harisen in East Railroad.Q: What does the plug do?A: The plug unplug the water at Kollaba Swamp which will allow you toget a prism.Q: How does the percentage work in finding weapons?A: As far as I can tell. Each time you find a weapon, it counts as 0.5%.But if the weapon require two hands to carry, it is 1%.Q: What time is a good time to enter Fortuna to look for the E-Prism?A: Try going at midnight.Q: I got the Fortuna map after beating Killea Bog but I can't seem toget a nightime Fortuna.A: Try going to Fortuna after beating the Polata Ruins. The battle atPolata takes place at nights so everythings else will be in daytimeuntil then. Of course I could just be blowing smoke up my butt on this.Q: What does the 3 letters tell you?A: The 3 letters give you the location of Map-0.Q: Can I save Adele?A: Yes. See Multiple Ending section down below.3.

Tips and Tricks:If you have any tips or ticks that you want to pass on, let me know.Trick 1: You can make a prison of blocks and use the Switch technique tofill the prison with enemy characters. You can search the map in peaceand steal the enemys mp to recharge your mages. (Just dont fill theprison with enemy mages, mages with attack spells anyhow).Trick 2: For some strange reason even though you cant change a Guest'sequipment.

You can use the Weapon Trade skill on them. Design Error???You can use this trick to get NPC weapons/shields or to give them betterweapons. (IF only this worked on the enemy.)Trick 3: If you equip multiple Brawlers Skills (Special Weapon Urn) onthe same weapon they are cumlitive.

Put four on a good special weaponand get ready for a serious can of woop-ass.Trick 4: Same as trick 3, but use the Shield Skill Recovery Mark. Sinceit is cumilitive five on one shield will heal your character 75 hitpoints per round. That's some serious healing for free.Thanks to Kenna for the above tricks.Tip for Domigo Ruins boss fights. If you're having trouble with the 3bosses due to the knight with the resurrection spell. Use the switchermagic on the knight and switch places with him.

Then have everybody gangup and ill the knight immediately.4. Location of Battlemaps 0-14:Map 0 (Zero): located at V21, H36 in Chapter 3 at East Paua Sea.Items found at Zero: 0-Mirror (V1, H14) and H-Prism (V15, H19)Map 1 (Cyclops): located at V6, H24 at second battle in Slate Convent inchapter 4.Items found at Cyclops: Goblin (V15, H14), Map 9 (V16, H21) and Ikarsor(V0, H33)Map 2 (Gemini): At the beginning of chapter 4, preferably after thefirst stage at Yuggor, go to Sady Town tavern and talk to a woman there.She will ask you to look for a guy name Danial. From here, visit everytown's tavern to talk to people about Danial.

Once you finished visitingevery tavern, head back to Sady Town to find Danial. Talk to him andhe'll give you Gemini map.Items found at Gemini: Vardish and Lunarod are inside chests.Map 3 (Triangle): In chapter 2, head for Luxar Village.

Go to theshopkeeper and select the buy option. Now scoll down the buy selectiontill you see???? Keep pressing the enter button on????