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The names of weapons and the attributes of thetroops have some very small differences, but on the whole the categoriesof weapons are comparable, and in balance. The main difference betweenthem is that when an Allied Powers player declares war against an AxisPowers player, the Allied player can start their attack in a shorterperiod of time (and visa versa for an Axis player). When a playerdeclares war against another player on their own side (e.g. Allied vs.Allied, or Axis vs. Axis), they must wait a longer period of time beforebeginning the attack. Another important fact is that when a playerdeclares war against a player of the opposite faction (e.g.

Allied vs.Axis, or Axis vs. Allied), they will receive more Reputation points ifthey are victorious in the battle. In a Plunder battle, the city defences of theplayer attacked will not appear on the battlefield. The attacker cancapture the raw materials that are not protected in warehouses, butcannot capture any gold.In a Seize battle, the Wall and citydefences appear on the battlefield. The attacker in this type of battlecan only win when he has brought the hit points (HP) of the city wall to0.

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The city wall also grants a bonus to the armour and attack range ofthe troops stationed in the defender’s city. The attacker can captureall the resources and gold if he wins the fight. If a player wins a Seize battle, the Morale ofthe conquered city is decreased by 3 and the number of Complaints in thecity rise by 3. At a Morale of 70 it decreases by 2 points with eachattack and at a Morale of 40 it decreases by 1 point. If the Morale ofthe conquered city has been reduced to 0, and the attacker’s militaryRank allows them to control an additional city, then the attacker cancapture and take the city.All buildings in the city below level10 get downgraded in level, while all the buildings at level 10 or abovekeep their current level. The Resource buildings are downgraded morethan the Military buildings.If your City is colonised by anotherplayer, you must Redeem it by going into the City Hall of another ofyour cities and clicking Redeem, then selecting the colonised City.

Youmay redeem with Gold or Diamonds.With Gold, you may retain your City but will lose all troops and Officers from that City.WithDiamonds you can get your City back, along with any Troops (who will bein your Deserter or Injured Camp) and Officers, including the Mayor! Transport is the term that is used to refer tothe movement of Resources. If you want to send goods to other citiesunder your control, or to the cities of Alliance members, then you usethe Transport function.

An officer is not required when you useTransport, and the vehicle used to transport the resources isautomatically returned to the original city.Dispatch is the termthat is used to refer to the movement of officers and troops to otherlocations. You can only Dispatch officers and troops to cities or fieldsthat you control, or to the cities controlled by members of yourAlliance. If you are Dispatching troops to an Alliance member then youdo not need to also send an officer, but in all other cases you mustDispatch an officer with your troops. Dispatched troops remain stationedat the destination until they are recalled. First Dispatch a troop and an officer with theorder to Seize a Field. If you have already Seized a Field you can clickon 'Territories' to see a list of all the Fields that you currentlypossess. If you click “View” on any of the Fields you can then click'Ransack' to begin the search for resources and jewellery.

When yourtroops have searched the Field for at least 1 hour you can then click'Collect' to stop the Ransack and collect all the resources andjewellery that were found. If you have only Ransacked for less than anhour, nothing will be found. The maximum Ransack time is 24 hours.Therefore Ransacking for more than 24 hours will not improve the result.Ifthe officer you dispatched to Ransack the field has a high Politicsattribute, and you dispatched a large number of troops and leave themfor a number of hours, then the Ransack may yield a large quantity ofResources. If the officer has a high Politics attribute then the Ransackhas a higher chance of finding jewellery.In the “Map” screen, when you hold your mouse over a Field, you can see what gems and jewellery you may get from the field. You can change your status in the CommanderInformation screen (accessed by clicking the “Commander” button underthe portrait of your commander at the top-right of the screen). Changingyour status to 'Truce' allows you a brief reprieve from battle. You canset the duration of the truce, but you must spend diamonds to start thetruce.

The longer the truce is to hold (at least 2 hours), the morediamonds are required. After the truce ends you must wait for a periodof time before a truce can be called again, this is usually between 1and 6 hours. During the Truce, you cannot attack the cities of any otherplayer, nor can your cities be attacked. A Truce will not affect troopsalready dispatched.A 'Vacation' can give you a longer breakfrom battle than a truce. It must be at least 48 hours, and the numberof diamonds required to set Vacation status will vary depending on thelength of time specified. All game procedures are stopped, ongoingoperations must be terminated or cancelled, and all troops in the fieldmust be recalled before the vacation starts. You cannot be attackedafter starting a Vacation, but this will not protect you from troopsthat have already launched an offensive against you.In the “Map” screen, when you hold your mouse over a city or click on it, you can see the current status of the city.

What commands can I give in battle?In battle, the commander can give several different commands to his troops:ForwardStandbyRetreatAtthe command 'Forward' the troops on the battlefield move ahead untilthey encounter enemy troops and become involved in combat.At thecommand 'Standby' the troops hold their position. If enemy troopsengage the troops on Standby then there will be a battle.At thecommand 'Retreat' the troops will retreat on the battlefield. Tip: Thiscommand is ideal for using self-propelled guns more effectively, insituations where the enemy has moved close to your SPGs.Becausedifferent types of troops usually participate in a battle, the commandercan assign specific targets that should be attacked first. To assign aunit to a specific enemy target, just click on the unit’s abbreviation(for example “Inf”), and select a target from the list of all availabletargets. As soon as the target unit is in the shooting range of yourselected unit, they will open fire.In defence of a city, thecommander has one additional option: He can decide either to keep histroops behind the Wall and therefore not directly participate in thebattle, or advance them beyond the secure walls and participate in thebattle. This decision can be made by either clicking the 'City Gate' oron the 'Flag' icon.