Deep Down

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More than a quarter century after he cut his debut album, recently made his finest disc to date. Boasting superior material and musicianship (guitarists and and pianist are all stellar) and a goosed-up energy level that frequently reaches incendiary heights, the disc captures outdoing himself vocally on the ribald 'Let Me Stir in Your Pot' and a suitably loose 'When I Get Drunk' and instrumentally on the torrid 'Jawbreaker.'

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For a closer, settled on the atmospheric classic 'Easy'; he does it full justice. Soldiers at war computer game.

Deep Down (Karen Harper) Romantic/Suspense. Jessie Lockwood is in China on business when she gets a call that her mother Mariah is missing. She comes home to a small Appalachian town in Kentucky called Deep Down.

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Deep Down, Inc. Engages in the provision of services to the offshore energy industry to support deepwater and ultra-deepwater exploration, development, and production of oil and gas and other maritime operations. It operates through Deep Down Delaware segment.

The Deep Down Delaware segment involve in leasing indoor manufacturing space and leases office, warehouse, and operating space in Houston, Texas, under non-cancellable operating leases. The company was founded by Mary L. Budrunas and Ronald E. Smith in 1997 and is headquartered in Houston, TX.