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The game is a fantasy city-building simulator in which the player creates a kingdom from the ground up. Starting with a barren town consisting of a lone castle and a large power crystal, by using the crystal's power the player can magically place a variety of buildings to populate the settlement and draw in residents. Apr 11, 2020  Become the lord and master of a real medieval castle! Accept new subjects, assign them to their duties, train and protect your men and women! Defy your rivals and laws of physics as you build and upgrade your fortress! Your pudgy warriors look great in their shining armor! Nourish and train your troops, and they’ll crush the armies of Grav the Mighty Brainpan, put the Abyss Lord back in his.

Fantasy Kingdom Simulator is an Adventure-based, Strategy and Single-player Simulation created and published by SimProse Studios. The game transports the player into the medieval realm where the player can reign as the King of four villages, and he must help them to grow and blossom into the fully developed cities… read more

21 Fantasy Kingdom Simulator Alternatives & Similar Games for PC


1. Anno Online

Anno Online is one of the Anno series of video games. Unlike last improvements with the franchise though the game is free of charge to play and is a web browser based experience. The English edition of the game went into a closed b0eta in April of 2013 with open beta starting just under a month later. The gameplay of this game is really easily that has gamers developing their city and going off to struggle all while attaining expertise as well as unlocking new technologies to defeat the following challenges that is always right around the corner. The main focus of Anno Online is absolutely about the town building although there are elements of strategy and operations also within the gameplay. Your main goal in Anno Online is to construct the most awesome city possible while being sure every one of your townsfolk is looked after. Allowing the economic and resource methods to guide a large city isn’t simple but along with the large numbers of building types to select from your task isn’t as straightforward as it sounds.


2. Anno 2070

Anno 2070 is one of the Anno series of video games and is published by Ubisoft. The series includes a great number of games which have slowly evolved over time. The gameplay includes a strategic emphasis and it has similarities to popular real-time strategy games just like Age of Empires but also features many city building elements contained in city building games. Anno 2070 provides an excellent single player strategy, a limitless game mode and multiplayer for players to experience. Anno 2070 is placed in the year 2070 and takes place after the climatic change has increased sea levels to a point where inhabitable land is severely limited. Anno 2070 offers players with plenty of problems to beat with the gameplay focusing on a few important aspects of a civilization (resources, trade and diplomacy). Players must master all three of these components if they’re to ensure the survival of the human race in this new era.


3. The Settlers 7: Paths to a Kingdom

The Settlers 7: Paths to a Kingdom belongs to the long-running number of video games that started back in 1993. The 7th game in the series stays true to the real-time strategy gameplay and also adds a number of city building components into the core Settlers gameplay. The game initially did poorly due to a dreadful DRM system which required always online gameplay. This was removed in patch 1.12 for the regular game content making it a lot more accessible and enjoyable real-time strategy option. However, the game still has a few of the poorly implemented DRM factors that may not ever be removed. Within the multiplayer atmosphere, you’ll find yourself having to adapt to other players for success rather than sticking to one game element or strategy which provides a significant level of counter play.


4. From Dust

From Dust includes a variety of styles incorporating strategy, building and god games into one. The game was published by Ubisoft in July 2011 for the Xbox 360 Console along with other platform releases becoming available a few months later. Gameplay in From Dust is probably unique and has players supposing the function of a god like character that handles the game world from the skies. Your job as this figure is to impress the nomadic tribe that lives on your island by utilizing the tool sphere that you’ve. This sphere will allow players to master the elements of land, lava and water to produce the world as they wish. From Dust effectively is a cool mixture of genres but has particular appeal to fans from many video gaming backgrounds. The method that you interact with the game world, exciting storyline and amazing physics allow you to forget that you’re playing a game and viewing over people that don’t actually exist.


5. Anno 1701

Anno 1701 (1701 A.D.) combines strategy and town constructing together to produce an economically focused experience. The game is part of the popular Anno series and is one of the fan-favorite titles in the series.

The gameplay is quite engaging like other games in the Anno series with some new additions, with the most noticeable changes to the game. Players will start their careers by choosing the country and their ultimate task is to expand their civilization throughout the game.

As you progress and create your civilization, the game mechanics will reveal to you, enabling troops to invade and defeat your opponents. The latest features of Anno 1701 consist of trader quests, honored visitors, some level of tax control, natural mishaps and a number of activities to help you in sending off your enemies (spies to gather information and facts, demagogues to inspire workers to attack, scientists capable of unleashing plagues and many more).


6. The Settlers: Rise of an Empire

The Settlers: Rise of an Empire is real-time strategy game that includes a 4X style of gameplay. This game was published by UbiSoft and released in September 2007. For players that are not familiar with the 4X strategy style, the basic game components involve exploration, expansion, exploitation and extermination. The game takes place in a Medieval Europe and it has players battling versus the evil Red Prince in an extended campaign (16 missions) as they attempt to control the whole game world. Gamers can pick from one of six knights make use of inside the campaign mode which have distinct traits that improve your strategy to the campaign missions. This knight is your link to the game world and useful for quests but also is an effective military unit that develops with you throughout the game.


7. Furcadia

Furcadiais a Free to play Massively Multiplayer Online Role-playing video game developed and published by Dragons Eye Productions. The game takes place in the fantasy game world that is a based on user created content with an emphasis on exploring, world build tools and free roam, etc. The character can set one of three species including anthropomorphic animals, humans, and insects. It also allows the player to choose between three genders such as female, male and unspecified. Furcadia offers customization option that allows the player to create his character by selecting the color from a palette. This color shows on the walkabout, portrait, and Butler. The primary focus of the game is a user generated content. In which the player can download art editor tools, a different map program, and skin editor in order to build his own virtual dream world to progress. Furcadia offers lots of key features such as various patches, custom scripting languages, and upgrades, etc. It provides an excellent game setting with simple controls and interface.



ROMANCE OF THE THREE KINGDOMS 13 13 is an Adventure-based, Historical, Strategy, Role-playing and Single-player Simulation developed and published by Koei Tecmo Game Co. It is an exciting game that which allows the player to play as a hero in during the time of Three Kingdoms and make his decisions to create his own history. The game offers a brilliant combination of strategy and role-playing. At the beginning of the game, it allows the player to choose his nation with character and get into the game world, create various units, train his army and get an attack on the enemy force in order to expand his area and become the power of the world. It is an excellent game that offers action-packed gameplay to immerse himself deep into the brilliant game world. The game includes core features such as different nations, various resources, multiple levels, powerful enemies and much more. With quite addictive gameplay, well-written storyline and beautiful graphics details. ROMANCE OF THE THREE KINGDOMS 13 13 is an excellent game to play and enjoy.


9. Westward IV: All Aboard

Westward IV: All Aboard is a Fantasy-based, Real-time Strategy and Single-player video game developed and published by Sandlot Games. According to the story of the game the owner of the Turner Railroad Company goes missing, his children Henry and Anne are called upon to solve the truth behind his disappearance. It is an excellent game that offers an exciting combination of real-time strategy and Adventure. In this game, the ultimate task of the player protects his family business, expand his railway to neighboring towns and rescue all the missing citizens. At the beginning of the game, the player has few resource which the game allows to use his them and create different kinds of buildings, stations, and other users then. It also allows the player to hire more staff and train them to expand his business. After the progress of the game, it allows the player to unlock more secret item and upgrades by using his experience points. Westward IV: All Aboard features a well-written storyline, fantastic game mechanics, and brilliant visual details. Do try it out, you’ll enjoy it.


10. Tzar: The Burden of the Crown

Tzar: The Burden of the Crown is a Single and Multiplayer Real-time-Strategy video game developed by Haemimont Games and published by Take-Two Interactive. The gameplay of the game is inspired by the popular game of Age of Empires. In this game, the ultimate task of the player conquers the neighboring kingdoms and destroy all the nation to become the power of the world. It offers various buildings and characters player characters that depend on the three races such as Asian, European and Arabian. At the beginning of the game, it allows the player choose his race and get into the game world to prove himself as best in the world by creating the numbers of buildings, units and train his troops. There are four type resources which the player must gather such as food, gold, stone, and wood to progress. It also offers map editor option which allows the player to create his own map to play. Different campaigns, unique combat, upgrades, unlockable achievements, special units and different kinds of building, etc. With quite impressive gameplay, well-written storyline, simple controls, and beautiful visual details. Tzar: The Burden of the Crown is an excellent game to play and enjoy.


11. Civcity Rome

Civcity Rome is a Single-player, Strategy and City-Building video game developed by Firefly Studios and published by 2K Games. It is a pack of two different games such as Civilization and Caesar. Civcity Rome puts the player into the rule of the king of Roman Empire, and the ultimate task of the player manages his cities by placing the numbers of buildings. The gameplay of the game consists of two different kinds of missions such as stand-alone mission (Sandbox mission) and campaign-based mission. In campaign mission, the player can start as an engineer who can create numbers of buildings, explore different location find new technology and meet the various historical characters such as Julius Caesar and Marcus Licinius Crassus. Each complaint starts with the player’s patron offering the greeting of Hail and then uttering the character’s name. After the progress, it allows the player to choose to embark military campaigns and complete verity of peaceful missions, and each mission offers different task to complete and fight against one of three different forces such as Egyptian, the Germanic, and Cartage. Civcity Rome offers more than 27 different maps and 34 mission with user-created scenarios. The game also enables up to 115 different buildings, 75 units and 70+ advance technology. With superb game controls and mechanics, beautiful visuals and enhanced mechanics. Civcity Rome is an excellent Single-player, Strategy and City-Building video game for all the ages.


12. Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIII

Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIII i s also known as Sangokushi 13 is a Single and Multiplayer Strategy video game developed and published by Koei Tecmo. It is the 13th major installment in the series of Romance of the Three Kingdoms that offer similar gameplay with lots of new features and upgrades. The game introduces two new gameplay modes such as Campaign mode and Hero mode which makes the game more challenging. The main objective of the game is same just like the previous game in which the heroes rise and fight for their beliefs. It has lots of heroes, and each one of has its own ability choose one of them and get into the game world where the player is able to create his campaigns and try to complete series of missions in order to progress. Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIII offers superb game setting and controls, visual enhancement and addictive gameplay.


13. Romance of the Three Kingdoms

Romance of the Three Kingdoms is an Addictive Turn-based Tactical, Role-playing, Strategy, War-based, Single and Multiplayer video game series developed and published by Koei. The series was published his first title in the year of 1985 with the original name of Romance of the Three Kingdoms. Now the series has more than 13 different titles such as Romance of the Three Kingdoms II, Romance of the Three Kingdoms III: Dragon of Destiny, Romance of the Three Kingdoms IV: Wall of Fire and Romance of the Three Kingdoms V, etc. The latest title in the series is Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIII published in 2016 on multiple platforms such as PlayStation, Microsoft Windows, and Xbox One, etc. The series is based on the romanticized novel of Romance of the Three Kingdoms and the popular historical text Records of the Three Kingdoms. The story of the Three Kingdoms takes place during the Han Dynasty in the China with multiple warring factions which includes the Cao Wei, Shu Han, and the Eastern Wu Kingdom. According to gameplay, the player aim is managing various statistics, each statistics representing an attribute of the character or city. In most of the game contains a role-playing element in which the player can rank and file characters to lead his kingdom. It is one of the best Strategy video game series as compared to the other. Romance of the Three Kingdoms offers superb game setting, great mechanics, and brilliant visual details.


14. Endless Legend

Endless Legend is a quiet Challenging, 4X, Turn-based Strategy, Single and Multiplayer video game developed by Amplitude Studios and published by Iceberg Interactive. The purpose of the game is to dominate the world of Auriga with one of eleven factions through the diplomacy while creating new technologies, exploring new lands and founding new areas. At the start, the player can choose his fantasy faction and get into the game world. The game map is populated with the verity of terrain, and each map made up of biomes within the world that have effects on the player’s created units. Tiles and this layout are all randomly generated to build a world with each separate playthrough. Each faction of the game controlled cities that are used to generated different kinds of resources, armies as well as buildings. Endless Legend also offers a quest system where the quests are found on the game map. In most of the quest, the player can use his armies. Quests are differed between factions and are the main source of the game story. The player must complete each one to advance in the game. Each complete mission will provide experience points which the player can use to expand his area and unlock more resources. Endless Legend also offers lots of key features that immerse himself deep into the stunning game world. With great mechanics and beautiful visual details. Endless Legend is one of the 4X Turn-based Battle game to play and enjoy.


15. NOBUNAGA’S AMBITION: Souzou SengokuRisshiden

NOBUNAGA’S AMBITION: Souzou SengokuRisshiden is a Strategy Simulation developed and published by Koei Tecmo Games. It is a downloadable content pack for the original game of NOBUNAGA’S AMBITION which comes from Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIII and offers lots of new exciting features and upgrades which makes the game more interesting and challenging. It introduces more than 30 unique heroes that emerged and flourished in the age of upheaval captured in Romance of the Three Kingdom III which marks its 30th anniversary of the video game series. With the enhanced game setting and brilliant visual details. Souzou SengokuRisshiden is an enjoyable DLC as compared to its previous titles.


16. Nobunaga’s Ambition: Souzou with Power Up Kit

Nobunaga’s Ambition: Souzou with Power Up Kit is a Downloadable Content pack of the original game of Nobunaga’s Ambition: Souzou developed and published by Koei Tecmo Games. Nobunaga’s Ambition is the last wold in the historical simulation game where the player can take on the role of a legendary Warring States Diamyo to work his way towards unification. The new DLC pack introduce lots of new content such as new gameplay world, new scenarios, recreate battle and advance battlefield to make the game integrating. It also allows the player to take the command of his troops to defeat opponent team members, lots of unique Warlords under his command in during the combat. Nobunaga’s Ambition: Souzou with Power-Up Kit is a great content of the game with details environment smooth controls and brilliant visuals. Try it out, if you are the true lover of Strategy games.


17. Tropico 5

Tropico 5 carries on the musical legacy of the collection with an administration and construction simulation video game centered on city building. The game doesn’t step out of the Tropico method too much, offering just enough new content to become older fans excited without getting off the gameplay you’ve come to love. One of the best additions to the Tropico franchise is the release of cooperative and competitive multiplayer that allows you to jump onto an island with as many as three other players for work together or crush them instead. This is most clear inside the era and empire systems which have been launched into the game. Using the era system gamers will require their country with the colonial era, into World War II, beyond the cold war and finally into modern days. It’s a stable development with each era showing its own problems to overcome.


18. 3rd World Farmer

3rd World Farmer is an Addictive Business Simulation video game developed by 3rd World Farmer Team and published by ArcadeTown. It is a game that allows the player to improve his family’s stander of living over the multiple generations. In this game, the player can manage an African farm and soon confront with the complex choice that poverty and conflict caused. The gameplay of the game is inspired by real-life in which the people are dying from starvation in a desperate situation that they never asked to be put in. 3rd World Farmer consists of multiple missions, and in each mission, the player can perform lots of real-time activities. At the start, the player has limited resources which the player can use to maintain his farm and other things, but after completing the few missions, it allows the player to unlock new resources that make the game enjoyable. 3rd World Farmer offer content-rich enjoyable storyline, great mechanics, and excellent visual details.


19. Thea: The Awakening

Thea: The Awakening is a Turn-based Strategy, Role-playing Survival and Single-player video game created and published by MuHa Games. The game takes place in the Slavic myth threatened by dark force and monsters. As protagonists its player responsibility to save his people, uncover the secrets behind the events and try it survive against the dark force. The game offers a wide range of gameplay features and allows the player to proceed through the world of Thea. It allows the player to explore the massive environment of the game or stay in his village and build a defense. The most exciting thing about this game is that it allows the player to craft more than 4400 items to improve his village. Thea: The Awakening includes lots of prominent features such as multiple non-linear story events, day and night cycle, 100 types of deadly creatures, card battle, and multiple modes, etc. With immersive and quite addictive gameplay, well-written storyline and excellent visual details. Thea: The Awakening is an enjoyable game to play and enjoy.


20. Romance of the Three Kingdoms XI

Romance of the Three Kingdoms XI is an Adventure-based, Turn-based strategy, Single and Multiplayer video game created by Koei. Merry clickmas crazy games. It is the eleventh installment of the Romance of the Three Kingdoms series that offers lots of new features, upgrades, and task to make the game more addictive. The major gameplay of the game is similar just to the previous games in the series in which the player aims to expand this area by creating numbers of buildings, units and defeating enemy creatures. It introduces more than ten new facilities, brands new battle mode, various military features, editor opting, six new campaigns and much more. It also allows the player to play against his friend to test his strategy skills. Romance of the Three Kingdoms XI offers improved visual details, enhanced mechanics, and dynamic background music.


21. Spacebase DF-9

Spacebase DF-9 a game of boats, asteroids, aliens and much more. You’ll be able to allocate jobs to the citizens that you simply attract when you try your best to make sure they’re alive and grow your space station. At the start of your Spacebase DF-9 adventure players will get to choose which part of the galaxy they want to attempt to settle in. Each location provides different Stellar Density (game currency), warpgate proximity (think of this as galactic foot traffic), threat levels which change the number of hostile encounters and magnetic interference that will alter the number of derelict vessels that cross through your region of space. This feature allows you to mix and match your difficultly setting and also shapes your game experience to bring strong replay value to Spacebase DF-9.

More About Fantasy Kingdom Simulator

Fantasy Kingdom Simulatoris an Adventure-based, Strategy and Single-player Simulation created and published by SimProse Studios. The game transports the player into the medieval realm where the player can reign as the King of four villages, and he must help them to grow and blossom into the fully developed cities. It is one of the best strategy simulation that offers different tasks such breathing cities, farming, births, deaths, and morale, etc. The player will make the meaningful choice, right decision and face the consequences. Each task has its own 5 rating that helps the player to determine his worthiness to lead such as honor intelligence and military skills. At the start, the player has a limited amount of options to choose, but after the progress of the game, it allows the player to unlock new resources and raise his army to make the game interesting. Fantasy Kingdom Simulator includes lots of key features such as massive game world, different maps, lots of upgrades and unlockable achievements, etc. With immersive gameplay, enjoyable background music, and smooth controls. Fantasy Kingdom Simulator is a wonderful game for all the ages.

Contents.Optional Edicts.Some heroes found kingdoms, driving out hostile monsters to make room for peaceful settlers. Others lead soldiers into battle, waging great and terrible wars. This section presents rules for building a kingdom and waging war that focus on the larger tactics of city planning and troop strategy rather than managing details of individual settlers and soldiers.This section uses “kingdom” as a universal term to represent all kinds of domains, regardless of size, form of government, and gender of the ruler.

Most of the decisions are in the hands of the players, and these rules are written with that assumption, using terms like “your kingdom” and “your army.” However, the GM is still in charge of the campaign, and is expected to make judgments about the repercussions of player decisions. While players running a kingdom should be allowed to read these rules (having them do so makes much of the kingdom building easier for the GM), the players shouldn’t think they can abuse these rules to exploit weird corner cases. For example, players may decide to construct a city full of graveyards because of the bonuses they provide to the city, but if the GM believes that is unreasonable, he could decide that the city is prone to frequent undead attacks. Likewise, a settlement with more magic shops than houses and businesses may slowly become a ghost town as all the normal citizens move elsewhere out of superstitious fear. As with a normal campaign, the GM is the final arbiter of the rules, and can make adjustments to events as necessary for the campaign. Ruling a Kingdom Kingdom Building Quick ReferenceWith building a kingdom, you begin by founding a small settlement—such as a village or town—and expand your territory outward, claiming nearby hexes, founding additional settlements, and constructing buildings within those settlements.

What you build in a hex or a settlement affects the economy of your kingdom, the loyalty of your citizens, the stability of the government, and the likeliness that kingdom will fall into chaos when citizens worry about monster attacks and other threats.Use the kingdom sheet to track the statistics of your kingdom, just as you use a character sheet to track the statistics of your character.You and the other PCs take specific roles in leading your kingdom, such as, and so on. The leaders provide bonuses on rolls you make to manage the kingdom’s economy and other important issues. For example, having a makes your kingdom more stable and your citizens more loyal, and having a makes your kingdom more profitable.Instead of using gold pieces, a kingdom uses a type of currency called build points (BP), which represent actual cash, labor, expertise, and raw materials. While it is possible to convert gp into BP and back again, for the most part you’ll just be spending BP to run your kingdom.Running a kingdom takes place over a series of turns, similar to how combat takes place over a series of rounds. A kingdom turn takes 1 month of game time. Each turn has four phases which you resolve in order: the, where you pay the kingdom’s bills; the, where you levy taxes and build improvements; the, where you collect taxes; and the, where you see if something especially good or bad happens to your kingdom.If this is your first time reading these rules, start with the section on Founding a Settlement and read the rest of the kingdom-building rules in order. If you find a term you’re not familiar with, check the section or refer to the Overview for a better idea of where you can find that information.Ruling a kingdom is a complex and difficult task, one undertaken only by the very ambitious.

Many PCs are content to live as mercenaries or treasure hunters, no interest in being responsible for the health and well-being of subjects; for these characters, a kingdom is simply a place they pass through on the way to the next adventure. However, characters who are keen to spread their wings and forge a place of power and influence in the world can use these rules to create a different sort of campaign. If the PCs are interested in ruling only a single town or castle and the small region around it, kingdom building can focus primarily on the settlement and the PCs’ personal demesne. If the PCs have larger goals, such as carving out a new, independent kingdom, these rules allow them to build cities and engage in trade, diplomacy, and war.These rules assume that all of the kingdom’s leaders are focused on making the kingdom prosperous and stable, rather than oppressing the citizens and stealing from the treasury. Likewise, the rules assume that the leaders are working together, not competing with each other or working at odds.

If the campaign begins to step into those areas, the GM is free to introduce new rules to deal with these activities.Like the exploration system, the kingdom-building rules measure terrain in hexes. Each hex is 12 miles from corner to corner, representing an area of just less than 95 square miles.

The hex measurement is an abstraction; the hexes are easy to quantify and allow the GM to categorize a large area as one terrain type without having to worry about precise borders of forests and other terrain features. A kingdom should have a capital city—the seat of your power. Your first settlement is your capital. If you want to designate a different settlement as the capital, you may do so in Step 7 of the.

Your capital city primarily comes into play if your kingdom loses hexes. If you change the capital city, attempt a Stability check. Success means Unrest increases by 1; failure means Unrest increases by 1d6.If you lose control of a hex—whether because of Unrest, monster attacks, assaults from a hostile kingdom, and so on—you lose all the benefits of any terrain improvements in that hex (such as and ). All settlements in that hex become free cities with no loyalty to you or any other kingdom (see Free City). At the GM’s discretion, monsters may move into the abandoned hex, requiring you to clear it again if you want to claim it later, and terrain improvements may decay over time.Losing a hex may break your connection to other kingdom hexes.

For example, losing the only hex that bridges two sides of a mountain range creates two separate territories. If this happens, the primary territory is the part of the kingdom with your capital city (see sidebar), and the rest of the kingdom is the secondary territory. If none of the kingdom’s leaders are in the secondary territory when this split happens, you lose control of all hexes (as described above) in the secondary territory.If at least one kingdom leader is in the secondary territory when the split occurs, you retain control of the secondary territory, but kingdom checks regarding its hexes treat Unrest as 1 higher, increasing by 1 each turn after the split.

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This modifier goes away if you claim a hex that reconnects the secondary territory to the primary territory.If you claim a hex that reestablishes a connection to a leaderless secondary territory, you regain the benefits of the territory’s terrain improvements. You must succeed at a Stability check to reclaim each of your former settlements in the secondary territory. You initially have a +5 bonus on these checks because the cities want to return to your kingdom, but this bonus decreases by 1 (to a minimum bonus of +0) for each subsequent turn since you lost control of the secondary territory.If your kingdom is reduced to 0 hexes—whether through Unrest, a, an attack by another kingdom, or other circumstances—you are at risk of losing the kingdom. On your next turn, you must claim a new hex and found or claim a new settlement, or your kingdom is destroyed and you must start over if you want to found a new kingdom. At the GM’s discretion, you may be able to keep some BP from your destroyed kingdom’s Treasury for a time; otherwise, those assets are lost. Independence and UnificationSometimes, breaking a kingdom into multiple pieces or joining with another kingdom is the best option for long-term survival.

Declaring IndependenceThough many kingdoms break apart due to military, racial, or religious conflicts, you can divide up your kingdom amiably if all leaders agree. During the, follow these steps.Step 1: Decide how many kingdoms you’ll make out of the old one.Step 2: Split up the kingdom. Determine which hexes belong to each daughter kingdom. Divide the treasury in a fair manner (such as proportionate to population or Size), and divide any other mobile assets (such as armies).Step 3: Determine how much Unrest in the parent kingdom does not result from leadership and building modifiers. Divide this by the number of daughter kingdoms being made from the parent kingdom (minimum 1 Unrest).Step 4: Each daughter kingdom should follow the steps for founding a kingdom. Treat leaders moving from the parent kingdom to a daughter kingdom as abdicating their posts in the parent kingdom. Loyalty increases by 1 for each daughter kingdom for the next 6 months.