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Tanki X was a client based multiplayer online game in the arcade tank simulator genre. It was created on the Unity engine by AlternativaPlatform, a Russia-based game developing company.The game used the free-to-play business model, where players could download and play the game for free. However, players could also pay real world money in the form of micro transactions to get 'X Crystals'.

Dear friends!On behalf of all former team of the game and Alternativa Games we had to tell you about some sad but expected news.Each story ends one day and it is time to say goodbye to TX.There are a lot of reasons for that, the main one is that PC gaming market is too competitive and overloaded and it is not possible to make the game popular not only in Russia but abroad as well. As a result, we made a difficult decision – concentrate our efforts on other areas. In general, we would like to mention that the game has come a long way and stayed alive for 3 years during which we have released a lot of cool features.We know that you were worried about the fate of the project with us — thanks for that! Thanks for warm support, fiercely criticising and for cheering for TX. Thanks for all «The battles of corporations», for all your game related creativity in contests and not only in contests, for competition in ratings and spirit of competition, for bug reports and persistence in solving problems.

We hope that you have found a lot of friends in the game and have received a lot of positive emotions! What happens nextStarting today, we will disable some game services and websites. However, game servers will be available until the start of 2020 so you will have time to play for your own amusement. You can use this promo codes to buy items which you wanted to buy, premium account and X-crystals:7FA8-8E12-DB08Tanki X closure plan:1. Payment services will be gradually disabled in September. We will not post on social media, will be closed, Wiki will not be updated, registration will be disabled.2.

Until the end of December 2019, some technical and experimental updates will be released, servers will be restarted at any time when needed3. At the start of 2020, game servers will be disabled, all players data will be deleted. The website, forum and wiki will also be disabled.4. You will be able to contact us regarding any questions about accounts and the game, even after the closure, via e-mail:Furthermore, we invite you to our flagship project Tanki Online, which has reached the age of 10 this year and continues to be developed. At the end of the previous year, mobile version was released and the new interface was released in July and it has become more comfortable to play. RebalanceLet's start with the toughest cookie — the game balance.

Has significantly changed the approach to upgrading modules, and improved matchmaking. Let's look at it in order.Now the turret damage and the hull armor do not depend on modules. All equipment stats have become fixed.

This means that if modules are disabled, all players will be equal, and victory will depend exclusively on skill.So now you’re probably asking, “Then why do we need to upgrade modules?”Well, modules add an interesting variety of gameplay and tactics to the battle. Upgrading modules improve your equipment’s stats and reduce recharge time.Of course, on the battlefield, the player with upgraded modules will have an advantage over those with non-upgraded modules.

But now, the goal is not only to upgrade modules to make the tank more powerful, but also to use them in the optimum way. After all, the outcome of a battle depends not just on equipment, but on tactical expertise and fast reflexes.The number of module levels in tiers 2 and 3 has increased to 10.

Since upgrading a module to the maximum now requires more steps, we’ve reduced the price for each step.All weapons in the game have been rebalanced due to these changes. For the most part, the changes are small, but as a whole they will be noticeable to experienced players.Although these changes have been extensively tested during the open testing phase, their true impact can only be evaluated on the main battle server. Please share your opinion on the forum and below the video — it will help us make the balance even better. New modulesLast summer, we started talking about new modules. Game designer Alexey Kiselev described the various mechanics during live streams.

We considered many ideas, but in the end we kept the best four. Let’s look at them.The Impulse Jump creates a point of propulsion that raises dust from the ground and flings the tank into the air. Upgrades increase the height of the jump and reduce cooldown. This is a great tool for fans of parkour, and can help you get the element of surprise in battle!The Impulse Generator is an example of a completely different use of the same mechanics.

The module creates a circular shock wave around your tank that pushes enemies away from you. This can be used to clear out your way.The Fiery Ring module brings the heat down on your enemy.

It creates a ring of fire around your tank, burning and damaging those caught in it.And finally, the Explosive Mass is a cool combination of the other modules, spread over a large area of effect. This module powers up a charge and creates a powerful explosion, causing great damage to all surrounding enemies. Its power can one-shot light hulls, and seriously damage medium and heavy hulls. Since it’s such a powerful module, it has a very long cooldown. But if used intelligently, it can radically change the outcome of a battle.Blueprints for the new modules have been added to all existing containers, including league containers that you get as a reward for battles, and containers in the game shop.You can also find them in the new container “Scout blueprint”, which is available for a short time in the store.

It contains a minimum of 90 blueprints for all four new modules, and costs 199 X-crystals.This container will stop being available with the Christmas update at the end of December. New Year's eventsThe juiciest piece of news for this month is our Christmas event, and we’re ready to share some details with you right now.The Christmas event will be a new version of the Battle of Corporations. The last Battle we had was in August. Dead age tips and tricks. We tested out the idea and it proved quite popular, so this time we will be fully integrating it into the game.On the 25th of December, you will see the announcement for the event launch. It will give you all the details you need to know, including rewards.

To participate, you will need to click the button of the corporation you want to support.Kills and flags will add points to the respective corporation’s counter, and you’ll be able to follow their progress in the game and on a special site.You will also receive special corporation containers in battle, depending on your chosen faction. These containers will drop both new and old items.During the event, we’ll also be holding a special New Year rating season, with unique graffiti as a reward. The battle of corporations and the new year season will last until January 10.What awaits us in the near future? The release of the long-awaited avatars, automation of rating seasons, and after that, of course, February holidays.Click Like and share your thoughts on the latest update.Merry Christmas and a Happy new year, tankers!P. If you have not used the promotional code with gifts after the update, we remind you: 0B14-C91B-257B.

Lake Hell - a Halloween decorated mapHow can you end up on this map? Well, there's no knowing that. Basically, if you get lucky enough, it will teleport you to it. 😈The only way to play the most dangerous and mystical map in Tanki X, is by chance. Another weird thing is that even though the map was added to the ranked pool, playing on it will not reward reputation points, however, you will earn more battle points.What else is known about this map:. The 'Lake Hell' is a replica of the 'Sandbox' map, only it is way bigger. Only the DM mode works on the map. Not reputation points are earned on this map, the rest works perfectly (battle points, containers, and battle streak).

You can only play the map in Ranked mode (even though it does not reward reputation points). You can not find the map in custom games. Up to 20 players can play on the map simultaneously.

There are a number of Easter eggs hidden on the map. There's going to be a contest on this topic.

Additional changes and bug fixes:. We've updated the Shell system. The shells will no longer disappear right away after a shot, they will remain on the battlefield until new ones appear over them.

This option is turned on automatically on high and ultra graphics settings. You can always turn it off for optimization reasons;.

We've optimized the respawn of tanks;. We added the missing sounds to the interface of the game;. We reduced the selection chance of the Arabian night, Silence, Moon Silence in Ranked play.

We added the TDM version of the Kungur and West Prime maps to the Ranked play map pool;. The number of points earned by each player for destroying tanks on 'Lake Hell' was increased to 40;. We fixed a bug in which the loading screen wasn't displayed accurately on 1024x768 / 1152x864 resolution. Season of the Ghost!The 9th ranked season, that went by the name Season of the Phoenix, has ended this morning.

The 10th ranked season has started right away. Now, because this season will also run during Halloween, we decided to call it the Season of the Ghost, so that it fits with the upcoming Halloween celebration.Because this season is special, you will earn a special reward - a glowing graffiti!

The participants of the current season will be rewarded a special glowing graffiti, that is also Halloween inspired.The Season of the Ghost will run for 6 straight weeks until the 15th of November.Every player, to have played at least one ranked battle last season, got corresponding rewards and already received them onto his account. As per every end of a season, the rating of all players was downgraded as follows:. Players with less than 500 reputation points at end of the season did not lose any of their reputation points. Players with more than 4500 reputation points had their points reduced back down to the minimum mark of 4500 reputation points. The rest of the players (with more than 501 and less than 4449 reputation points) lost around 40% of their reputation points at the end of the season.The tanker under the nickname 'Creation' has become the player with the highest number of reputation points last season. He will be awarded the legendary 'Hero' paint.

Congratulations!The rewards for the Season of the Phoenix were the same as for the season prior to it. The new season, however, has received a couple of changes in that aspect. We added a new special Master league containers with blueprints, which will be awarded to players playing in the Master league. This container contains about 25 blueprints, with a certain chance of getting tier 2 and tier 3 blueprints. We added a new Master league paint. Every player that was ever in the Master league will receive the paint as a gift in a couple of days.

Players that will reach the Master league for the first time, will be awarded 5 Master league containers with blueprints and the Master league paint (it is awarded only once). The number of containers rewarded for every league was changed. Other changes:. If an unbalanced battle ends in favor of the team with fewer players, the points will be distributed like in a balanced battle;. Vulcan's gyroscope has been disabled;.

The Freeze and the Firebird turrets can now spray through destroyed tanks;. The Railgun turret can also shoot through destroyed tanks, but the damage of the laser that goes through a destroyed tank was reduced down to 20% instead of 50%. When the module 'Emergency protection' activates, the tank enters a cryogenic state in which it moves very slow until part of its health points are regenerated. Thanks to that, the tank will no longer self-destruct upon using this module. The Radar module now sees allied tanks as well. The priced in Crystals got change due to the increase exchange rates of X-crystals into Crystals. Fixed bugs:.

We fixed a bug in which Shaft would hit through obstacles if its barrel was in the obstacle. We fixed a bug with the Railgun, in which the pre-shooting charging animation was not seen by other players after the turret's barrel moved out of an obstacle/object. We fixed a bug in which enemy tanks were not taking damage if they were to be behind your or an allied 'Force Field'. The artwork on the loading screen now adapts to different resolutions.Have fun and good luck in the new season! It contains:. Rare skins:.

“Crystal” for Hammer, “Crystal” for Hornet, “Crystal” for Viking, and “Crystal” for Vulcan (without effects). These skins are also sold as stand-alone items at a price of 1399 X-crystals or 75.000 Crystals. They will remain for sale in our in-game store even after the event (most probably forever). Epic skins:. “Crystal Glow” for Hammer, “Crystal Glow” for Hornet, “Crystal Glow” for Viking, “Crystal Glow” for Vulcan. These are Epic skins, which means that they might return for sale as stand-alone or in special celebration containers, in the future. Epic skins:.

“Crystal Rage” for Hammer, “Crystal Rage” for Hornet, “Crystal Rage” for Viking, “Crystal Rage”, for Vulcan. These are Epic skins, which means that they might return for sale as stand-alone or in special celebration containers, in the future. Legendary skins:.

“Crystal Discharge” for Hammer, “Crystal Discharge” for Hornet, “Crystal Discharge” for Viking, “Crystal Discharge” for Vulcan. These skins can only be obtained during this event and only from containers.

They will be removed from our in-game store completely, after the event. They will only remain in the garages of those that acquired them during this event. Epic paints from previous celebrations:. Disclaimer!

For those that will feel the need to express their objection towards the fact that we’re selling legacy items again, please be aware that when we implemented the item gradation system, we mentioned that Epic items will be occasionally brought back on the shelves. All the items below are of Epic Rarity. Arrows of Love, Triangle, Mosaic, Military, Red Banner, Universe, Starry Sky, Spring Colors, Bananas, Vostok-1, Halloween, Andromeda, Antarctica, Spark, Ice, Orion, Radiation, Halloween 2017, Canyon, and Spectre. Battle StreakEvery battle played until its end, will earn you accumulated bonus points:. First consecutive battle +5% bonus battle points;. Second consecutive battle +10% bonus battle points;. Third consecutive battle +15% bonus battle points;.

Fourth consecutive battle +20% bonus battle points;. Fifth consecutive battle +25% bonus battle points.Reminder!

Battle points are basically experience points and at the end of every battle they are distributed to the turret and hull upgrade progress, rank, and blueprints container progress bar.Attention!. Leaving the battle or closing the game client on purpose, accidentally, or even because of technical issues, will end the battle streak. In case of client crash or any other unintentional client errors, the player has 2 minutes to return to the battle. The battle streak bonus will not work for players with the Deserter status. The Battle of Corporations is about to begin!The battle of the two giants for territory and deposits of crystals. Both Antaeus and Frontier are mobilizing their armies!

They’ve called the best mercenaries and X tank operators, promising generous rewards for joining the battle and even more if they help achieve victory.Antaeus – an economic mega-corporation that desires to lay their hands on all the energy resources in the solar system. They have the best technology and the most purposeful leaders.Frontier – an association of military organizations that are fighting for a free market.

Their strongest sides are their strategic thinking and excellent engineers who believe in the righteousness of their mission.Which path will YOU take?The battle will start at 21:00 UTC, today. From that point on, until the 16th of September, our script will be counting every point all mercenary will score for their respective corporation. It will be displayed on aThe result of the Battle of Corporations will determine the scenario for future events of this genre.

The winning side will be the initiator of further military operations.One more thing! The winning corporation will celebrate their victory by releasing new skins and paints. That will depend on the result. Attention!. It is very important that you equip the graffiti after the battle of corporations has already started. If you’ve equipped it before, the system will not be able to tag you as part of any of the two corporations.

If you’ve already equipped it, just re-equip it again after the battle has started. You can only choose one corporation to fight for. The corporation that you will be fighting for will be decided the first time you enter a battle with the graffiti of one of the corporations. You can not switch to the other side after that.Additionally, we will announce seven “Call to Arms” missions. The first will be announced tomorrow and will start on September 2nd. The Season of the PhoenixThe 23rd of August marked the end of the 8th season that went by the name Season of the Kraken. We are very happy to congratulate the third owner of the “Hero” paint – Xts.

Well done, buddy!The Season of the Phoenix carries a symbolical meaning, as it introduced important changes to the rating system, which significantly improved the distribution of players in battles.At the beginning of the new season, many players found themselves in the lower leagues. This was necessary in order to allow the system to calibrate players according to the new changes. As a result, skilled and well-equipped players will progress faster through leagues, whereas less prepared players will need to spend more time on getting their skill and equipment up to par.Our matchmaking used to match players according to their rating only. But now, it also takes into account the difference in rating between the players and the two teams, in a battle.You will find more details in the description. At the end of the season, we will evaluate the results and decide what changes to make for the following season. The EconomyOn the 28th of August, we are planning to release the gold boxes that you all requested.

Additionally, as a result of your requests, we made them available in custom battles as well.You will be able to acquire the new gold boxes from the “Boxes” tab in our in-game store, as part of a special offer dedicated to the Tanki Meeting, and from a promo code that is hidden in this video.The new gold boxes can be dropped by players in battles. They contain Crystals and we don’t know yet how they are going to influence the game economy. It is impossible to predict that now, this is why focusing our attention on this part of the economy for the next couple of weeks is imperial to us.We added a number of additional sources from which you can obtain Crystals:. The league containers, the ones that players earn in battles, now contains 50% more Crystals than before. The synthesis of X-crystals into blue Crystals has become much more profitable. The exchange rate is now 1:50 (one to fifty). We also significantly increased the reward for the duplicate items that drop from containers with skins and paints.

The Battle StreakThis feature is still in development, but we are ready to tell you a bit more about it.A battle streak is a number of matches played without leaving any of them. For every finished battle, the player will be rewarded bonus battle points. 1 battle + 5% bonus battle points. 2 battles +10% bonus battle points. 3 battles +15% bonus battle points. 4 battles + 20% bonus battle points.

5 battles and more + 25% bonus battle pointsPreviously, bonus points were rewarded only for the first battle of the day and they worked only as points for the container progress bar. The new system will reward a bonus that will add to both the experience and the container bar progress that the player has earned in a battle.Leaving a battle, no matter for what reasons will interrupt the battle streak. We are planning on allocating more time to fixing technical problems the client or the server might have, as well as solving any type of issues related to the game crashing. You can always visit the Tanki X Echo Support site where you can report any bug or issue you might encounter.Obviously, deserting a battle will also reset the battle streak.

There are many players who desert their team and we believe that it is only fair if they get fewer experience points and containers in battle, until their deserter status is lifted. The Tanki MeetingLet’s move to the most interesting news!On September 8th, in Krasnodar Russia, players from both Tanki X and Tanki Online will meet and share awesome moments. Players will spend time discussing the game with their friends and participate in various activities such as contests and giveaways. We will also have a special photo booth where they can take selfies with the developers of the game and not only.What about presents?

Don’t worry, nobody will leave the meeting without them. T-shirts, mugs, promo codes, gaming accessories from Canyon, and tablets from Prestigio.The Tanki X panel will be hosted by Darya Stal, who will tell you more about the latest changes to the game as well as future development plans.To celebrate the tanki meeting in-game, we’ve prepared a special pack called “Tanki in Town”. It includes X-crystals, a bundle of gold boxes, and a legendary paint called “Summer”, all for a humble price of 4.99 $.

The paint got the legendary status because it will never be sold in our in-game store again. The offer will run until September 9th inclusive.But wait, there’s more. Players who will buy the “Tanki in Town” pack will become eligible to participate in a special lottery during the meeting in Krasnodar. In order to participate, players will need to provide their nicknames in a designated area.We will be waiting for you in the park starting at 1:00 PM local time.

The entrance to the event is free, so get your friends and join us. Finally, the long-awaited news.

We’re announcing the start of the Battle of the Corporations in Tanki X!Starting September 1st, all players will be able to take part in a large-scale Tanki X battle for territory and deposits of crystals. To participate, you only need to buy, equip, and spray the Antaeus or the Frontier graffiti.What’s next!? Destroy as many tanks as possible and capture as many flags as you can get your hands on. The more points you score, the closer your corporation will be to victory.Achieving the milestones on the Antaeus or Frontier progress bar will grant you awesome rewards, including an epic paint for each of the corporations. We’re pretty sure you will need the paint in the future! The first corporation to score seven million points or the one to finish the battle with a margin of more than five hundred thousand over the other one wins.

The winning corporation will reward its loyal tankers with 20 gold boxes and a prize fund of crystals.The result of the Battle of Corporations will determine the scenario for future events of this genre. The winning side will be the initiator of further military operations.One more thing! The winning corporation will celebrate their victory by releasing new skins and paints. That will depend on the result.The Battle of Corporations is planned as a regular event. We will always try to improve the formula, this is why it is very important for us to hear your opinion.

If you have any idea or suggestion, go and share them on our forum.To battle and fire at will! Gold Boxes!The Gold Box is an item that will reward 1000 Crystals. Players can now drop them on the battlefield with a click of a button. The default button is 5, but you can reassign it to any key you want in the game settings.The gold boxes will be available under a separate tab called “Boxes”. These can be bought only with a real currency, depending on the country or region of your residence.Here are the different categories of boxes and their prices:. A pack of gold boxes (8 boxes) – 1.49$.

A pile of gold boxes (80 boxes) – 9.99$. A wagon of gold boxes (800 boxes) – 69.90$. A mountain of gold boxes (1000 boxes) – 73.90$How does the gold boxes work?. The button to drop a gold box is active only if you have a gold box available in your garage (the number of boxes available is shown below).

The button will be inactive if there is another gold box or a couple of them, queued to be dropped at that current time in the current battle. You can not drop more than one gold box per minute.

You can not drop a gold box during the warm-up time or the last minute of the battle. Upon dropping a gold box, the battle log will show which player has dropped the gold box. The gold box will drop on a random free supply spawn point.

“Tanki in Town” Special Offer!To celebrate the Tanki Meeting in-game, we’ve prepared a special pack called “Tanki in Town”.It includes:. The legendary new paint called “Summer”. 500 X-crystals. 10 Gold BoxesAll of the above for a humble price of 4.99 $Players who will buy the “Tanki in Town” pack will become eligible to participate in a special lottery during the meeting in Krasnodar, on September 8th.