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Play The Visitor 2 a free Adventure at Thousands of free addictive Flash games like The Visitor 2 and many more. Updated daily. Golden axe characters. Video Game / The Visitor. The Visitor is a flash game series consisting of three games made by Zeebarf of ClickShake Games. The Visitor and The Visitor Returns are point and click Adventure Games, while Massacre at Camp Happy is a maze game where one fights enemies.

The Visitor 3 will be a puzzle game which is going to be the third but not the last game of the series. In this series, you will be controlling an alien form and help him to grow up by eating animals, insects and even people. You have to solve various puzzles by moving the objects you see on the screen in order to open a path for this creature.

The game consists of stages which are in the form of scenes and in case you will be able to complete the scene, you will play on the next one and this continues until the end of the game.

THE VISITOR IS BACK IN A BLOODY NEW ADVENTURE!Crash landing on the 10 year anniversary of the original, The Visitor: Kitty Cat Carnage reboots the saga of the murderous alien slug in a brand new adventure for iOS and Android.Explore the house of an elderly cat lady and solve puzzles to find devious ways to devour her feline friends. Then, in true 80's horror style, deliver a final death blow to the cantankarous granny with alternate gruesome endings to discover.All the fun of the original except with more animated death scenes, more cartoony gore, more cats! All set to a killer new original horror score with an open overworld map to explore.Still thirsty for more blood?

Don't worry the adventure continues in 'Sleepover Slaughter' due December 2017.No real cats were harmed in the creation of this game. We can't say the same for the cartoon ones. Blokus trigon game.